Wendy E Peterson
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Location: Denton, TX, USA
School: University of North Texas
Major: Elementary Education K-6

Wendy E Peterson

My resume is not copying so.... I have experience substituting at Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD 2003-2004 / 2012-2013/ and 2017-2018. I was subbing at Lake Dallas ISD in 2003-2004 and did one summer of Special Ed teaching at Corinth Elementary in Lake Dallas ISD. The bulk of my teaching work I did in South Korea from 2005-2011. I taught ESL as the lead teacher. In the Elementary Public and Private schools, I taught every student at the school at one time during each week.

I used a variety of learning styles to reach all students and worked with small groups or one-on-one to ensure all of my students came away with the same skills and knowledge. I have gained a multitude of office skills, lesson planning, assessment, and teaching to make the material interesting, although I find science lessons inherently interesting.

I would love a chance to talk to you.

Wendy Peterson

attention to detail, accomplishing goals in a timely manner, the love for children.