Wastewater Internship Resume
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Location: Vail, CO, USA
School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Field of Study: Environmental Engineering

Wastewater Internship Resume

Bailey Vigil
------------ |------------ | LinkedIn: Bailey Vigil

First generation student offering willingness to learn quickly and take initiative on projects to assist in engineering tasks.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering Boulder, CO
University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO. Graduation Date: December 2021

3D Printing Canva, Overleaf
Soldering MATLAB, VBA
Lab Experience Microsoft Office Products

Recognized by supervisors in part-time position for assessing situations quickly and applying effective strategies to resolve problems independently and within teams.
Manager | Cold Stone Creamery | Boulder, CO | November 2014 – August 2017; May 2019 - Present
▪ Received recognition from supervisor for training new employees and demonstrating exceptional communication and leadership skills.
Student Staff Member | CU-Boulder | Boulder, CO | Oct. 2017-Present
 Cultural Unity & Engagement Center
 Center for Inclusion and Social Change
▪ Recognized for excelling in diversity and inclusion in an environment which promotes students in the exploration of all their identities
▪ Developed program announcements for upcoming events in a creative and effective manner
 Student Academic Success Center
▪ Demonstrated organizational skills regarding the office inventory as well as scanning and filing important documents

Engineering Economics
Water Chemistry

Analyzing Wastewater Effluent October - 2019
Water Chemistry Course Boulder, CO.
▪ Samples taken from Boulder Creek were filtered then analyzed using a spectrophotometer and SEC-TOC system to determine the total organic carbon within the creek.

McNeil Academic Program, Boulder, CO. Jan. 2018 - Present
Aerobuds Mentoring Program, Boulder, CO. Aug. 2017 – Dec. 2017