Wallat Baban Resume
Psychology/Behavioral Neuro
Location: St. Louis, MO, USA
School: UMSL
Major: Psychology/Behavioral Neuro

Wallat Baban Resume

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Wallat Baban

Career Focus: Sales representative, Banquet Assistant, Events Assistant, Assistant Manager, Graduate student, Upper-Level Management position.
University of Missouri – St. Louis, GPA: 3.6/4.0
Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, Minor in biology.
• Further courses taken in International business and marketing.

• 9 months to 1 year of sales representative/consultant experience which has contributed to my success in talking to customers, being honest, and providing customers with the right products for them.
• Generation of sales in previous sales roles of $2000 to $5000 per month working as a computer sales representative and always meeting my sales quota.
• Effective communication, interaction and relationship-building skills acquired through work experience, volunteer activities, campus leadership, and sales related work experience, helping become a much more people orientated person.
Qualifications Summary

The Home Depot, St. Louis, Missouri, March 2017 – July 2017
Garden Center Associate
 Introduced to the different phases of product selling that comes in during the spring/summer seasons. 
 Would help customers locate items throughout the Garden center and assist them in purchasing the right item for their home/business needs.
 Helped the Garden Center Manager with restocking of materials, assistance with customers, and final sale on items such as: lawnmowers, grills, bricks and stones, mulch, and fencing.
Best Buy, St. Louis, Missouri, September 2016– February 2017
Computer Sales Consultant
 Interacted with customers interested in purchasing computers of related electronic devices and learned how to sell items based on the customer’s needs, budget, wants, and further developed my people skills.
 Developed proper understanding on differentiations between products and also began to sell other household items such as TV’s, phones, laptop and tablet accessories, speakers, and touchscreens for cars.
Objective: To work as a sales representative before I go off to graduate school, to get an MBA and then go to high positions in the future in future companies that I plan to apply for.
Chuck E. Cheese, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2015 – November 2016
Game room Attendant/ Birthday Event host
 Assisted in managing the game room, duties including: taking food to customer tables, maintaining and repairing slightly broken electronic and arcade games, cleaning the game room and the games, interacting with and assisting customers, and provided support in the kitchen by washing dishes and plates for food preparation, and also assisting in preparing food for customers.
 Managed Birthday parties, duties including taking orders for parents and family of birthday child, preparing pizzas and food to be delivered to party tables, providing drinks, giving constant assistance party attendants, managing payment of each scheduled birthday party, and cleanup of previous parties, and resetting for new and incoming parties.


St. Louis Chinese Immersion School volunteer, St. Louis Public Schools, January 2017 – Present 2018
 Volunteered in K-5 classrooms, assisting teacher with daily instruction, classroom management, etc.

Senator, University of Missouri – St. Louis, Student Government Association, May 2018 - Present 2018
 Work with University faculty and staff to address issues of student’s organizations.

Special Events Coordinator, UMSL, Office of Student Involvement, August 2016 – May 2017
 Coordinated, organized and planned recurring events such as MLK Day, The BIG event and Trunk or Treat


Student Leader Spotlight Award, University of Missouri – St. Louis
 Recognized by the University as a Student Leader and awarded a poster that was hung up in the university commons.

Shining Star Award Nominee, University of Missouri – St. Louis
 Nominated for the One is Done award; an award to those students recognized for their accomplishments.

Emerging Leadership Award, University of Missouri – St. Louis
 Completion of Emerging Leader program at UMSL; entailed learning leaderships skills, qualities, and techniques for more effectiveness as a future leader.

Student Leader Award Nominee, University of Missouri – St. Louis
 Awarded to students exemplifying leadership qualities in student organizations, their classes, and throughout the University by helping instill change in betterment for the university.

E. Desmond Lee Philanthropic Scholarship, University of Missouri – St. Louis
 “This fund commemorates the establishment of the E. Desmond and Mary Lee Medal for Philanthropy at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The medal is awarded to individuals who exhibit an outstanding commitment to the university through their philanthropic giving. This fund will recognize students who study with professors who are partners in the Des Lee Collaborative Vision and exhibit an outstanding commitment to service to the university or to those in the community who are underserved.” – Scholarship Website

Neuroscience, Web Development, Research, Marketing, Project Management, Psychology