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Location: State College, PA, USA
School: Penn State
Major: Computer Science/Statistics


Debate Masters LLC. / Owner DECEMBER 2016 - PRESENT
- Debate Masters is a business in the works that strives to make the process of
planning debate tournaments more seamless and efficient
HackPSU / Sponsorship Team, Workshop Host AUGUST 2018 – APRIL 2019, UNIVERSITY PARK, PA
/ Sponsorship Director APRIL 2019 – PRESENT, UNIVERSITY PARK, PA
- Sponsorship coordinator/director for the HackPSU event, responsible for over $50k in funding
- Hosted Crash Course: MatLab workshop for HackPSU Fall 2018
Plant Village / Researcher, Software Engineer OCTOBER 2018 – PRESENT, UNIVERSITY PARK, PA
- Utilize TensorFlow/machine learning to identify crop diseases and pests
- Analyze satellite data to identify the impact of climate change on Kenyan farms
- Spent 2 weeks in Busia, Kenya on a UN/Gates Foundation-funded trip to survey smallholder
farmer fields, collect data, and interact with our farmer network
Association of Women in Computing / Social Chair AUGUST 2018 – MAY 2019, UNIVERSITY PARK, PA
- Maintain AWC’s social outreach and social media
KCF Technologies, Inc. / Sentry Engineering Intern JANUARY 2019 – PRESENT, STATE COLLEGE, PA
- Monitor clients' vibrations data using SmartDiagnostics software
ㅡ - Secondary Analyst for Pixelle Specialty Solutions LLC.
Volunteering Mutts and Meows Rescue / Animal Caretaker JUNE 2017- AUGUST 2018, KATY, TX
- Performed whatever odd tasks were necessary, and was a primary cat caretaker
- Facilitated adoptions
Fort Bend Women’s Center / Administrative & Customer Service MAY 2016- AUGUST 2018, ROSENBERG
- Performed administrative tasks, attended and led leadership camps
- Fulfilled customer service tasks with the resale center, and worked on the floor
- At their Katy location, aided in donation intake and sorting.

Alliance for Climate Education / Student Leader, Media Coordinator February 2018 - PRESENT
- Part of the student team that created Donate:60, a youth empowerment campaign
- One of the main media coordinators for Donate:60
- Collaborated on the Class of 0000 Campaign, aiming to motivate lawmakers on climate
change policies

Katy High School / Class of 2018
AUGUST 2014 - MAY 2018, KATY, TX
Weighted GPA: 4.5082/5.0
Unweighted GPA: 3.7541/4.0
Rank: 19/774
Penn State University / Class of 2022
GPA: 2.84/4.0
College: College of Engineering
Intended Majors: Computer Science and Statistics

python, customer service, leadership, environmentalism, research, software engineer