Visual Development/ Concept Artist
Art and Visual Technology
Location: Fairfax, VA, United States
School: George Mason University
Major: Art and Visual Technology

Visual Development/ Concept Artist

Natalie Spitzel

George Mason University
BA- Art and Visual Technology GPA: 3.6
Concentration: New Media/ Animation
Minor: Music and Video Game Design

Digital Concept Artist- Freelance
Provides digital concepts of characters and other assets for film, video games, and illustration using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Tech Volunteer at Jamtech
Teaches elementary, middle, and high school students how to build a video game in a day using programs such as Unity at JAMTECH Premier Build a Game in a Day Event.

Card Artist for Element Wars TM by Eric Kosinski
Creates the art for the traditional card game “Element Wars” designed by Eric
Kosinkski, including 200 unique card characters, website artwork, and package designs

Assistant Manager- Gamestop Inc
Leads a team of associates in day-to-day store management operations such as inventory stock management, associate trainings, and store management to ensure the store meets overall company standards.

Art Director of G.A.D.I.G. (Game Analysis and Design Interest Group)
Member of IGDA (International Game Design Association)
Schoolism Live Atendee
Regularly attends conferences hosted by Schoolism Live with presenters such as Dice Tsutsumi and Mike Yamada learning approaches to improve my artwork and become better informed about the industry

Photoshop CC
Illustrator CC
InDesign CC
Maya 2016
After Effects CC

Digital Painting
Character Design
Concept Art
3D Modeling


concept art, game art, artist, visual development, art intern, 2d artist, matte painter