US work
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Location: San Marcos, CA, USA
University: Pallomar college
Major: Office occupation, Nutrition, US American Citizenship,

US work

Work Experience
Businessman - Austin, TX
May 2011 to Present
Self Employed
Warehouse Worker
Sony (Electronics) - San Diego, CA
January 2005 to June 2005
Inventory; Warehouse
Warehouse Worker
Caterpillar - Morton, IL
September 2002 to November 2004
Warehouse job.
Office Occupations; Nutrition in Finance; Sports; Basketball; Microsoft; Office
Occupations; Nutrition
Palomar College - Manos de Cristo - Austin, TX
June 2007 to November 2011
Palomar College; Manos de Cristo - Austin, TX
July 2010
Office Occupations; Nutrition; Finances; Sports; Basketball
Palomar College - Austin, TX
July 2010
Power point; Clip art; Excel, Warehouse Associate, Warehouse coordinator

Office Occupation; Nutrition; Sports - Basketball; Finances.

Swift, smart and hard worker