Updated NY Resume
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Location: Newark, NJ, USA
School: Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Field of Study: Journalism and Media Studies

Updated NY Resume

Amber Atabansi
75 Crane Street, Newark, New Jersey 07104
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Rutgers University - GPA 3.744 New Brunswick, New Jersey
School of Communication and Information
Major: Journalism and Media Studies, Specialization in Global Media, Bachelor of Arts
Minor: Criminology Graduation: May 2019
Honors/Awards: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Dean’s List (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring
2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019), Outstanding Leadership Award and Badge April 2014 for completing 2 week
leadership training course.

The Walt Disney Company - ABC News Radio New York, New York
Audio Production and Programming Intern June 2019 - September 2019
● Tracked, recorded and edited audio sessions
● Cut audio,wrote lead ins and filled verbatims for cuts and wraps
● Occasional reporting for longform pieces
● Wrote audio scripts, tracked and edited for “Your Body with Dr. Jennifer Ashton” pieces.
● Pitched ideas for “Start Here” podcast
● Wrote entertainment and culture articles for ABC Air Power and digital
● Curated and prepped interview questions for celebrity talent
● Booked interviews and guests for news specials, breaking news and interviews
● Assisted in Breaking News coverage and Special Audio Programs production
WRSU- FM Rutgers Radio New Brunswick, New Jersey
On-Air Host/ Reporter/Anchor November 2015- May 2019
● Field Reporter—covered and made news wraps and media packages for school wide events
● Nightly News anchor – Ran nightly news cast related to Rutgers, State and National news topics
● Hosted weekly talk/music show
● Board trained to be Musical DJ/operate technical board and FCC standard tested
Democracy Now! New York, New York
Social Media/Education/Outreach and Development Intern December 2018 - May 2019
● Monitored social media interaction and presence, and viewer and listener engagement
● Created course presentations for visiting students from middle school up to the graduate level
● Assisted producers in interviews and segment arrangement for the show
The Tab Rutgers New Brunswick, New Jersey
Reporter/On-screen Personality November 2015 - November 2018
● Wrote lifestyle articles and features
● Conducted Man-on- the-street articles and interviews
● Created social media content and videos (Most prominently for Instagram and Facebook)
● Covered University wide events and protests
● Investigated and reported breaking news on campus
Rutgers University School of Communication and Information New Brunswick, New Jersey
Summer News and Social Media Intern May 2018 - September 2018
● Reported on School wide events and news
● Interviewed alumni, professors and members of student body
● Handled all facets of social media presence and engagement
● Created Social media and video content for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter

Leadership Roles
National Society of Collegiate Scholars September 2016 - present
Resident Assistant March 2018 - June 2019
Other Skills & Interests
Radio Assist Netia, Adobe Suite - Audition, Premiere Pro, InDesign, ProFileMaker, Microsoft Office (Word, Access,
Excel, etc.), Radio Technical DJ Board Trained, Canva, PiktoChart.


My name is Amber Atabansi and I graduated from Rutgers University in May 2019. My major was Journalism and Media Studies with a specialization in Global Media and my minor was Criminology. I feel is an asset is my ability to connect with my audience. I feel very comfortable interviewing and talking to people on most subjects as I strive to only make educated remarks. During my most recent internship with ABC News Radio, one of my favorite things I did was working on the Your body with Dr. Jennifer Ashton segments. I had to do a lot of research to find interesting topics that were still relevant to Dr. Jenn’s expertise and I had to find a way to write the information, which was normally very scientific, in a way that the audience could quickly understand and care about. I would then write the scripts, schedule a tracking time, record her audio, edit it completely and then send it to my supervisor who would send it straight to the stations. I was also able to do occasional reporting for longform news specials, for example, I did a lot of reporting and logging for the ”America Works: Labor Day Special.” I also believe I am personable which in turn allows me to curate a very inviting online presence. For example, I had a weekly Social Media segment (on Instagram) for the Tab Rutgers where I would interact with students and make fancy, interesting recipes out of mundane foods found in the dining hall. This led me to be very comfortable with social media content creation. I am very up to date with popular culture which allows me to connect with target audiences but also allows me to match the tone of the company that I am associated with.
Interning at ABC News Radio allowed me test my hand in many aspects of reporting and production (including breaking news coverage), I was also able to do a lot of writing (wraps, lead-ins and verbatims) and audio editing sent out to ABC affiliate stations. I also did a lot of booking of guests for the radio specials and the ABC “Start Here” podcast. I assisted in booking and scheduling multiple celebrity guests like Akon, Idris Elba, Robin Thede, etc. Where I would write out the interview questions, prep the space for the interviews, bring the talent in and coordinate with managers and all other production team members for the talent, I would then record the interviews with the host and edit and cut snippets for our affiliate stations and Air Power. I would also work with the entertainment department daily and write entertainment stories that revolve around music, movies, pop culture and television (I was asked to particularly do more stories pertaining to urban entertainment since I follow it very closely.) I would also do a lot of research to keep up with trending topics and feed the ideas to the reporters and senior writers and editors. I was also asked to cover a number of events like the pre-screening of Hobbs and Shaw and I also did frequent interviewing and reporting at small premiers, originally, my beat was Reality TV but soon expanded due to my eagerness for more work. I was also asked to cover multiple album launches/listening events for example, I covered Akon and Burnaboy’s new albums respectively, as a Nigerian-American woman, I listen to a lot of Afrobeats/Soca/Reggae and am very familiar with international artists so I was frequently asked to give insight for incoming international artists since I was already familiar with them. While in college, being a part of WRSU-FM allowed me to test my hand at both hard and soft news, for example, I ran the nightly news cast which is completely hard news, however, I was also an on-air personality for the daily entertainment shows. Then, I hosted my own music and talk show every week, where I brought on students and musicians/bands as guests and interviewed them. The topics could range from pop culture and hot topics (one of my favorite episodes was discussing and unpacking the Jordyn Woods, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson saga through the lens of girl code) to discussing police brutality and the concentration camps in China. Finally, I have become very familiar with important media and editing software, for Example, Adobe – Premiere, Audition and InDesign, Canva, PiktoChart, etc. I am very familiar with media editing and creation whether it be audio or visual.
I am very up to date with popular culture which allows me to connect with target audiences but also allows me to match the tone of the company that I am associated with. I pride myself on accuracy, which is another attribute I can bring to this job, in the political climate that we live in today, credibility is extremely important. Fact checking and careful analysis are skills that I have worked into my normal routine, and everyday life. I believe that with this experience, I have gained a lot of the qualities that are needed for the job position. I am always ready to gain new experiences and learn. I am confident that my previous jobs, writing skills and on-air presence and experience qualify me for consideration. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail.
Amber Atabansi