This is what I do.
Graphic Design
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
School: University of Florida
Major: Graphic Design

This is what I do.

I’m a designer and art director currently working and playing on the east side of Austin. I have worked for the past 10 years primarily in advertising and design. I specialize in brand development, strategically-driven digital experiences, integrated campaigns and branded editorial content. I strive for innovative solutions by way of human-centered design.

I have experience working on multichannel campaigns, social media, email marketing platforms, and B2B and B2C demand generation marketing. At my current job, I am known as the big idea person—with a knack for clever and innovative executions. I have built brands from the ground up utilizing brand guides to ensure proper brand execution, strategically, verbally, and visually. The success of a brand is in no small part due to a recognizable and consistent experience across all channels of communications.

I work well on a team and enjoy giving and receiving constructive direction and feedback. I lead by example, continually learning new technologies and strategies
to ignite and drive growth. I pride myself on being a clear communicator. I strive for a detailed understanding of user journies, strategy-driven driven design decisions, and ongoing testing and optimization. In my spare time, I am illustrating and learning animation in After Effects.

Branding, identity, strategy, UI/UX, copywriting, illustration, photography, website, production