Teresa Saunders Resume
Digital Photography and Imaging
Location: Barrie, ON, Canada
University: Georgian College
Major: Digital Photography and Imaging

Teresa Saunders Resume

Professional Goal
Professional photographer looking for a position as a photo editor or assistant, where I can apply my five years of editing skills, organized, good listener, detailed and hard worker ready to work.

Name: Teresa Saunders
Address: 133 Raglan Street
City, Province, and Postal Code: Dublin, Ontario, N0K 1E0
Cell Phone:xxx-xxx-xxxx

Email: xxx-xxx-xxxx
LinkedIn Profile: xxx-xxx-xxxx/in/teresasaundersphotography/

• Excellent Time management skills
• Strong teamwork skills
• Integrity and strong morals
• Organizational skills


Program: Digital Photography and Imaging
School: Georgian College
Location (City/Province): Barrie, Ontario
Date: 07/10/2017-present
Main Courses completed:
• Camera Techniques
• Visual Concepts
• Trends and Issues in Photography
• Imaging 1 ~ Fundamentals
• Imaging 1 ~ Fundamentals
• Imaging 2 ~ Retouching Techniques
• History of Photography
• Lifestyle Photography
• Editorial Photography
• Image Production
• Introduction to DSLR Video
• Creative Techniques
• Photography 3: Creative Lighting
• Portfolio Development 1: Photography
• Imaging 3 ~ Compositing
• Photographic Self-promotion
• Video Editing
• Aesthetics and Criticism
• Advanced Editorial Photography

• Understands and knows how to photoshop
• Strong photography and photo editing skills
• Understands important camera skills needed for the industry
• Strong English skills
• Understands pricing and evaluations for photography
• Strong Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills
• Knows how to use Capture One

• G2 License (getting G license in the spring)
• Special High Skill Major of the Arts (high school)


Position Title: Laborer
Employer: Sofina
Location (City/Province): Mitchell, Ontario
Employment Dates: April 2018 – August 2018
Key Responsibilities / Accomplishments:
- Manual dexterity and physical strength
- Successful teamwork and collaboration
- Exceptional accuracy and attention to detail

Position Title: Server/dishwasher

Employer: Scott Saunders Rollin’ Roaster

Location (City/Province): Seaforth, Ontario
Employment Dates: 2015 - 2017

Key Responsibilities / Accomplishments:
- Learned how to be independent
-Learned valuable customer service skills
-Helped with client problems at hand

Position Title: Graphic Design Assistant
Employer: Sign Guys Canada

Location (City/Province): Clinton, Ontario
Employment Dates: Winter - Spring (2017/18)

Key Responsibilities / Accomplishments:
-Learned about installing tint and placement of wrap art
-Learned how to be independent and built problem solving skills
-Learned about book keeping and answering phone call professionally

Organization: Raise Awareness

Location (City/Province): Seaforth, Ontario
Dates: 2014-2015

Key Responsibilities / Accomplishments:
-Created posters to invite people to cancer fundraisers and helped people be strong through difficult times
Organization: Elderly Assisting
Location (City/Province): Seaforth, Ontario Dates: 2014-2016
Key Responsibilities/ Accomplishments:
-Helped the elderly out with cleaning and cooking

• Won “Photography Award” at graduation in high school (2017)
• Won “Best Photo, First Year First Place” last year at gallery show

• Used to play Violin, Piano, and Alto Saxophone
• Has played baseball for over 16 years
• Loves to work on 30 days-30photos project and small painting projects when I have free time

Photographer, editor, fashion, organzined