Teacher Assistant
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Location: Camano Island, WA, USA
School: Mississippi State University (currently)
Major: Elementary Education

Teacher Assistant

Kolleen S. Lawson
960 North Sunset Dr. Camano Island, WA. 98282 Email: ------------ Phone: ------------

Assistant Teacher
Positive, patient and enthusiastic assistant teacher looking for a position assisting in a classroom with young students, while supporting and aiding the lead teacher as needed.

Qualification Skills:

Ability to work with students providing a positive and encouraging environment.

Ability to communicate and work as a team with others to work towards solving problems that arise with students in the classroom, and implement plans, as well as follow instructions orally and written.

Ability to assist the teacher when needed and provide positive behavioral support.

Ability to lift and carry children weighing up to 50 pounds and move around in a classroom designed for young children.

Knowledge of teacher assistant duties compared to those of licensed staff.

Ability to follow safety standards, practice ethical behavior and keep confidentiality.

Well versed in child abuse, diversity issues and providing an equal opportunity to all students.

Time management skills: punctual and able to complete work efficiently

Technology skills: using a PC, printer, scanner and copy machine; programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Excellent observation and listening skills.

Ability to work through challenges and a willingness to learn new skills.
Organized, artistic, empathetic and hardworking.


Volunteer/Whittier Elementary: 916 Oakes Ave, Everett, WA 98201
Oct- Nov 2016 & Jan-June 2017

Instructed individual students and small groups in the classroom under the supervision of the teacher.

Worked Feb-June one-on-one with behavioral challenging student in the 3rd grade.
Assisted & supported the teacher in the classroom.

Aided the teacher with various tasks, copying and printing, helping assist in prepping projects, grading and other small tasks needed.

Provided support for a ESL student in class work pertaining to reading and writing as well as comprehension of the English vocabulary in AR quizzes.

Supported and aided struggling students in their school work when needed.

Supervised and helped keep students on task.

Assisted in grounds & lunchroom, PE & library, music & computer labs.

Assisted in field trip management and supervision in small groups.

Student Observer/Northshore Co-op Preschool: 18515 92nd Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Environment of a Young Child (Spring 2016) 20 hours: Accessed and determined what goes into making a safe learning environment for children.

Guiding Behavior (Winter 2016): Used anecdotal record and time sampling to observe behavior in children and create a behavior plan for a child.

Family Culture and Self-Concepts (Winter 2016) 20 hours: Gained knowledge of a child’s self-concept, how they see things, and different family cultures.

Introduction to ECE (Fall 2015): Accessed a preschool program: physical environment, staff, parent relationship, organization and administration, overall program, and cultural responsiveness.

Family Dynamics (Fall 2015) 20 hours: Accessed children developmentally.

Child/Family/ Community (Spring 2015) 20 hours: Accessed children developmentally; gained knowledge of the importance of teacher/parent relationships; gained knowledge on behavior management.

Student Observer/Everett Community College Early Learning Center: 820 Waverly Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Child Development (Fall 2014) 20 hours: Accessed children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social and language development through time sampling and anecdotal observation in ages infant through eight.

Mississippi State University 75 B. S. Hood Road, Mississippi State, MS 39762
Bachelor's in Elementary Education / currently

Everett Community College 2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201
Associate in Technical Arts Degree in Education Paraprofessional /June 2017
Associate Degree concentrating in Education/ June 2016 with distinction

Honors and Awards:
Academic success recognition for a 4.0 GPA, fall quarter 2015, from the President of Everett Community College.
Recognition for a high GPA, fall quarter 2014, from the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at Everett Community College.

Related Course Work Experience:
Environments of a Young Child (Spring 2016): Created an early childhood environment, Washington State compliant, for ECE children ages 3-5.

Health, Safety & Nutrition (Fall 2015): Created a 5-day meal plan for young children following appropriate nutritional needs according to age and development; knowledge of emergency and first aid care for children; earthquake safety.

Children’s Literature (Winter 2015): Analyzed children’s literature, authors, illustrators, genres, awards, storylines and characters, gaining knowledge of what makes quality literature and the importance of having it available for children.

Child Development (Fall 2014): Created an art and social studies lesson plan focusing on teaching children about different cultures, being proud of their own, and respecting others.

Exceptional Child (Spring 2014): Knowledge of ADHD, Autism, and accommodations needed in the classroom for children with special needs and disabilities to make an inclusive classroom.

Interests and Activities:
Writing children’s fiction novels in a variety of different genres
Playing musical instruments: piano and flute
Volunteering for the city of Everett summer swim team

Positive/ hardworking/ love for children