tatiana marie morales
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Location: Yonkers, NY, USA
School: wcc
Field of Study: liberal arts

tatiana marie morales

6 Schroeder St, Yonkers, Ny 10701 | (914) 258-
9426 | ------------

The Purpose of this resume is gain work experience, life skills, and to build
my career speech as well as customer service expertise. All while continuing
my college degree and my transition into the professional workforce.

I would like to say I’m very reliable and efficient. Others might say I’m a fast
worker and a team player. I love to “break the ice” with new coworkers so
we all can work comfortably. In the past I proved my abilities be running the
front of a restaurant single handed in a timely fasion.

July 2018 -
October 2020
Boston Market
· This was my first place of employment. It’s a restaurant setting so I was
tasked with taking orders, making the orders, carving, and food prep.

September 2014 –
June 2018
High diploma, Charles E. Gorton High school, Yonkers Ny, 10703
Liberal Arts Major, Westchester community college, 75 Grasslands Rd,
Valhalla, Ny 10595

As I have mentioned before I would love to build my communications skills. I
feel as though the skills I do have work well when it comes to customer
service situations. Especially in a customer is upset.

As far as leadership goes, I have no problem doing the best I can to lead the
team to a successful work shift. There have been times where mangers
entrusted me with leading the rest of the crew when they themselves had a
lot of work to do. I had no problem with running the restaurant efficiently
without any upset customers.