Tao Lan's Resume
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Location: Eastvale, CA, USA
School: La Sierra University
Major: MBA

Tao Lan's Resume

Tao Lan Chemical Engineer Profile
------------ • ------------/in/tao-lan-050425172 ------------ • Eastvale, CA 92880
Safety-conscious and highly analytical professional with hands-on experience in delivering support to executives and guiding regarding advanced chemical/bioprocessing and semiconductor device fabrication lab procedures. Capable of deriving wafer fab production and engineering development efforts. Skilled at developing specific patterns on semiconductor wafers, testing enzyme reactions, separating DNA, neutralizing alkali, and managing various chemicals. Knowledgeable in converting basic raw materials into a variety of products and design chemical manufacturing processes. Expertise in building and maintaining robust relationships with clients, staff, and management. Areas of Expertise include:
 Chemical Engineering  R&D Operations  Health & Safety Compliance
 Strategic Planning & Analysis  Project Coordination  Risk Assessment & Mitigation
 Testing & Equipment Maintenance  Team Collaboration & Leadership  Quality Assurance & Control
Education & Training
Master of Business Administration, General Management
LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY | Riverside, CA | 2018
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA | Gainesville, FL | 2015
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
SOUTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY | Guangdong Province, China | 2012
Technical Proficiencies: MATLAB, Origin, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Lynx, Latex, Inkscape, VB, Python, Adobe Acrobat
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese) & English
Professional Experience
LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY • Riverside, CA • 2016 to 2018
Seventh-day Adventist non-profit co-educational university, offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level degrees.
Contributed in legal knowledge quiz contest held by business school and helped team to achieve first place as well as in-class simulation stock competition on ------------ and achieved the second place in yield. Provided project evaluation services to Zhengxin Asset Management Company in Zhongshan, China, assisting company to avoid a loss of $100K.
1ST ORIENTAL SUPERMARKET • Orlando, FL • 2015 to 2016
Vast Asian grocery store offering fish from tanks, produce and imported goods plus an on-site bakery.
Conducted effective analysis of developed product that supported in identifying and managing pesticide concentration of produced sample lixivium and microorganism concentration of live seafood pool. Arranged and maintained testing equipment to ensure smooth workflow and meet operational demands. Planned and performed FDA inspections as well as delivered strategic leadership to related departments for change management in compliance with FDA requirements.
Key Accomplishments:
• Saved $10K annul maintenance cost of company by evaluating and upgrading inventory management system.
• Built and strengthened relationships with potential suppliers and improved transportation activities, resulting in reduction of operational cost of $30K annually.
• Accomplished $5K saving in outsourcing costs by spearheading annual inventory check project from conception to completion within timely and budgetary constraints.
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA • Gainesville, FL • 2014
A public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university in Gainesville, Florida.
Supported undergraduates in cutting DNA at a specific sequence of base pairs by educating about restriction enzymes and DNA separation processes under electrophoresis. Provided guidance to undergraduates about testing an enzyme reaction rate by measuring amount of colored product over time course from clear substrate and examining effects of enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, and temperature on reaction rate. Enabled pattern transfer and wafer planarization, isolation, and cleaning through etching by assisting students in removing selected layers, designing specific patterns on semiconductor wafers, and transferring patterns on mask to wafer. Managed storage of perilous, poisonous, and corrosive chemicals such as fluorides to minimize accidents.
Key Accomplishments:
• Achieved and maintained zero accidents record during ongoing operations by confirming high-level lab safety.
• Trained undergraduates about DOE and advanced technology utilization, streamlining DNA/enzyme testing procedures; introduced wet/dry etching, oxidation, mask design, sputtering, lithography, and thermal evaporation technologies.
TIGER FOREST AND PAPER GROUP • Yueyang, China • 2012 to 2013
Engages in production and sales of fine paper and paper pulp as well as manufacturing wrapping paper for industrial packaging and food packaging; wood pulp; stationery paper; forestry management; and import of paper material.
Supported main steps in pulping and papermaking. Made significant contributions in coating formulation modification of oil proof paper, chemical recovery, and wastewater treatment during the production process.
Key Accomplishments:
• Augmented daily production by 5% through monitoring and revamping process control of pulping and papermaking.
• Accelerated sales revenues of $20K annually by optimizing performance metric of oil proof paper.
• Increased recycling rate of chemicals generated from pulping and papermaking by 3%, dissolving melt of black liquor after combustion in water and add lime for causticization to increase recovery rate of sodium hydroxide.
• Defused alkali in papermaking effluents by putting concentrated black liquor into combustion furnace at a high temperature to dissolve sodium salt, reducing alkalinity and COD at same time, assuring that liquid waste reached national standard before discharge.

Chemical Engineer Profile