Tai Lin Resume
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Location: Wilmington, DE, USA
School: University of Pittsburgh
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Tai Lin Resume

Tai Lin
1980 Superfine Lane, Wilmington, DE 19802 • Citizenship: U.S.
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CAREER OBJECTIVE: Recent engineering graduate with excellent people and research skills seeking a position in a growing company. Hoping to apply engineering education to real world problems.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering, graduated April 2018, GPA 2.9

• MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, Solidworks, C/C++ programming, Adobe Photoshop
• Fluency in Chinese

Research Assistant
Suzhou, China April 2018 – November 2018
Hired by Linnovation (affiliated with Tsinghua University)
• Brought into the team to develop a displacement sensor based around light reflection properties.
• Prepared prototypes for testing. This included constructing the frame connecting the prototype to the turntable, fine tuning the shaft’s placement, and installing the data gathering equipment.
• Analyzed digital signals using oscilloscope and later MATLAB.
• Designed and 3D printed a case to integrate an LED display onto a turn table, taking drafting standards, tolerances, and fasteners into account.
Mechanical Engineering TA
Pittsburgh, PA ¬ September 2016 – December 2016 Hired by the University of Pittsburgh MEMS department
• Developed the skill of communicating ideas to students, specifically regarding the approaches they should take to homework problems and errors in approach.
• Graded homework and exams for the 2016 Fall Statics and Mechanics of Materials I class.
Research Intern
Beijing, China May 2014 – August 2014
Hired by Tsinghua University’s Engineering Research and Development
• Brought into the team to develop a high-resolution capacitive sensor for angular displacement reading.
• Involved in data analyses, regression analyses, and error analyses. This includes the use of equipment such as an oscilloscope and data displays in MATLAB and Excel.
• Developed data processing methods in MATLAB and Excel for measurement calibration.
• Designed and manufactured several prototype model using Solidworks. CAD models and engineering drawings were made to assist in the machining of the prototypes.
General Office Assistant
Pittsburgh, PA ¬ January 2013– April 2014 Hired by the University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Department
• Worked in an office space to maintain the work environment of administrative staff and managed file transfers between offices.

Mechanical Design II Term Project
• Conceptually designed a simplistic motor driven vehicle, with in depth analysis focused on the mechanical aspects of shafts, gears, belts, fasteners, springs, and power transmission.
Measurements II Term Project
• Conceptually design a control system that integrated a piezoelectric actuator into a conceptual atomic force microscope, with analysis focused on stability and error analysis.

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