Sydney VanTil Resume
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
University: UC San Diego
Major: Speculative Design

Sydney VanTil Resume

Hi I'm Sydney,

I'm a Speculative Design student at UC San Diego and focusing on Urban Ecology Design within my major. Speculative Design applies design methodology and problem solving to future problems and exploring the potential applications of emerging technology and sciences. Through these methods, it engineers discovery in architecture, the urban environment, and the city and public culture. In a world that is progressing with technology so quickly, it is important that our minds are up to speed and innovating accordingly. Within the Speculative Design major we utilize all the Adobe Suite programs, SketchUp, Microsoft Office, and CAD to carry out our design work.

My resume is pictures below. Please let me know if you're having a hard time seeing it.

Thank you,

design, architecture, interior design, environmental, creative, adobe suite, cad, urban planning