Svetlana Pilat
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Location: Everett, WA, USA
School: Whatcom Community College
Major: AAS

Svetlana Pilat

Hardworking Deli Clerk with 4 years of experience in retail support and service. Top notch issue resolution and customer engagement talents. Looking to take on new challenges within a medical organization that values attention to detail. Experienced team worker bringing sales expertise and strong listening skills to growing team. History of building customer loyalty with fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.


Sales proficiency

Proficient in Word, Excel and Outlook

Safe food handling

Product stocking

Effective trainer

Critical Thinking

Outstanding Customer Skills

Time management

Detail oriented

Strong work ethic

Russian, English, Ukranian, some spanish

Quick learner

Outgoing and energetic

Focused on work

Problem-solving skills

Interpersonal communicator

Team leadership

Work History

Deli Worker/Server
Green Barn, Lynden, WA
• Listened to customer requests and suggested additional menu items as appropriate to upsell products.
• Cleaned and sanitized dishes and utensils, consistently keeping adequate supplies on hand for expected customer loads.
• Opened new inventory and rotated stock by dates to maintain freshness.
• Took special orders for event catering and party trays, assisting customers by recommending additional items, condiments and garnishes.
• Promoted new or high-value food items by creating attractive displays in cases and other customer-facing areas.
• Prevented food spoilage by monitoring dates, rotating stock and following proper storage procedures.
• Carefully prepared orders by slicing, weighing and packaging cheeses and meats and accurately calculated prices.
• Responded to telephone inquiries regarding available products and services and helped customers make appropriate choices.
• Calculated total items needed to assemble party trays and placed orders for inventory.
• Listened carefully to customer instructions and prepared orders according to those preferences.
• Handled busy, fast-paced situations and agitated customers with relative ease while remaining professional and calm.
• Learned front cashier and store clerk work tasks in order to provide skilled backup for diverse roles.
• Promoted customer satisfaction by preparing food according to standard recipes with modifications based on individual customer requirements.
• Received payment via cash, check, card or mobile payment and processed promptly, resulting in 99% accuracy rate.
• Maintained composure and work quality while under stress.
• Supported waitstaff and other team members in completing tasks.
• Kept work areas clean, neat and sanitized to prevent possible illness or injury among coworkers and customers.
• Maintained clean, trash-free workspace to maximize productivity and safety.

Pool Attendant/ Custodian
Paradise Lakes Country Club, Maple Falls , Washington
• Conducted hourly patrols of pool locations to identify and help those in need of immediate care and assistance.
• Learned and maintained proficiency in first responder skills such as First Aid and CPR to offer individuals in distress optimal support.
• Observed recreational users to detect safety concerns and prevent ongoing violations.
• Reminded students to practice swimming strokes to develop their skills and improve technique.
• Monitored maintenance of pool and restroom areas and immediately contacted office department for issues requiring prompt attention.
• Sampled pool water to check chemical levels prior to starting swimming instruction.
• Monitored safety of all guests in and around swimming pool.
• Inspected pool every 2 hours and skimmed obstacles, including toys, trash and electronics that could hinder line of sight.
• Complied with pool policies and procedures and offered suggestions to staff to maximize safety awareness.
• Detailed safety rules and procedures regarding time and proper pool etiquette to customers and guests, which led to 100% decrease in incidents.
• Maintained facility outside the pool in clean order according to rules and regulations given by office adminsitration.

Kitchen Staff/Server Shift Leader
Mount Baker Bible Way Camp, Maple Falls , Washington
• Prepared variety of dishes, including soups, entrees, omelets, salads and appetizers for over 100 daily customers.
• Strategically plated hot meals and salads in aesthetically pleasing arrangements.
• Decreased food expenses by using local ingredients, defining standards for portion size and reducing waste.
• Oversaw and assisted with menu creation and promoted featured items to drive sales.
• Chopped vegetables, seasoned meats and mixed cake batter ahead of time in preparation for dinner rush.
• Cleaned and sanitized dishes and utensils, consistently keeping adequate supplies on hand for expected customer loads.
• Cleaned and sanitized work areas throughout hours of operation and at close of business.
• Improved customer satisfaction by 99% by solving problems quickly and effectively.
• Sanitized dining ware and kitchen equipment according to health code standards.
• Reduce health risks by following safety procedures, making food and drink items as trained, maintaining cleaning schedules, restocking regularly and sanitizing equipment according to health department requirements.
• Removed empty chafing dishes and replaced with fresh food at buffet.
• Trained newly hired employees in most effective cleaning and sanitation methods.
• Improved business activities by providing guest feedback and complying with long-term strategies.
• Learned how to train new work members and customer skills in order to provide skilled backup for diverse roles.

Rader Farms, Lynden , Washington
• Maintained cleanliness and order of conveyor belt and sorting line areas to reduce safety risks.
• Assessed and sorted items into containers or designated areas according to classification, size and condition.
• Promoted workplace productivity by overseeing my team and reporting any problems to supervisor.
• Carefully monitored machines which automatically measure, organize or inspect products, halting conveyors to make equipment calibrations when necessary.
• Facilitated communication among team to reduce process lags and troubleshoot issues effectively.
• Organized and assessed raspberry materials, following established guidelines to make determinations on classification, grade or acceptability.
• Communicated any problems from my team to supervisor or office administration.

High School Diploma
Mount Baker High School - Deming, WA

Associate of Science: Physical Therapy Assistance
Whatcom Community College - Bellingham, WA

• Currently have over 20 hours in observing several Physical Therapy clinics in Whatcom County.
• Completed all per-requisites required to apply for PTA program at Whatcom Community College.
• Supervised team of 3 staff members.
• Resolved issues through critical thinking without the help of supervisor.
• Familiar with medical terminology
• Have 2 years of lab experience in Biology and Chemistry
• Graduated with Honors 3.89 GPA
• Currently on Whatcom's Dean list for college
• Proficient in reading and writing in Russian, Ukranian, and English.
• Interpersonal communication through telephone and office work (2 years)


Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excell


Russian, English, Ukranian


SafeServ certification: Food Handling




Flower marketing

Health and Wellness


I have a passion for helping people live a healthy, and full lifestyle. This includes the ability to function on a regular basis without encountering any pain. I am interested in the Physical Therapy Assistant field and would like to get certified in the future, so that I would be able to conduct daily exercises to patients in order help them live full and happy life. So far, I have completed all classes (pre-requisites) required to apply for the program in the fall of 2020 this year, however I would like to advance professionally and personally in the medical field. I am able to do this by observing medical clinics, taking my grandma on regular PT visits, and reviewing the medical terminology learned few years ago. It is my passion to provide the best customer, or patient service possible because everyone deserves to live a full, healthy lifestyle!