Student majoring in Marketing
Location: Des Moines, IA, USA
School: Drake University
Major: Marketing

Student majoring in Marketing

Olivia Cantrell 1215 30th St. •Des Moines, IA 50311 • ------------ • ------------
Drake University | Des Moines, Iowa Expected Graduation: May 2022
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major: Marketing
Minors: Music, Psychology
GPA: 3.43/4.000, Dean’s List
Drake Bands Media Marketing Team | September 2019 – Present
Content Designer September 2019 – Present
Organize, film, and edit Drake University Marching Band endorsement video.
Create and design promotional content to be posted on social media networks
and website.
Post updates on social media about events the Drake Bands are a part of or
DogTown After Hours | September 2018 – Present
Event Planning Member
Operate as a team to create a theme and brainstorm activities for the event.
Identify and coordinate with Drake Neighborhood businesses to seek donations
from to fund the event.
Manage volunteer applications and oversee training of volunteers the night of the
Ensure the safety of hundreds of guests in order to make the night run smoothly.
Barriques | Madison, Wisconsin | May 2019 – Present
Café Specialist/Barista
Processes cash or credit transactions at the register.
Quickly and correctly makes all espresso and coffee drinks to order.
Efficiently executes all food orders in a high traffic location.
Sugar River Pizza | Verona, Wisconsin | May 2018 – Present
Customer Service/Food Expo
Provides warm greeting to entering and exiting guests.
Answer incoming calls and take orders.
Process cash or credit transactions and resolve customer complaints.
Correctly matches sides to entrees and ensures proper food is given to the right
Boulder Brew Pub | Verona, Wisconsin | November 2017 – May 2018
Hostess, Server Assistant
Greeted and sat customers after determining table and server availability.
Received and recorded reservations over phone.
Worked collaboratively with servers to provide the best guest experience.
Sigma Alpha Iota – Pi Chapter | February 2019 – Present
Service Committee Member | September 2019 – Present
Delta Sigma Pi – Alpha Iota Chapter | February 2019 – Present
PR Committee | September 2019 – Present
Drake University Women in Business | September 2018 – Present
Social Chair | September 2019 – Present
Katy Albert • General Manager Barriques – Old Sauk
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Branden Christensen • Occupational Therapy Graduate Student
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Vince Kenney • Assistant Professor of Low Brass, Assistant Director of Bands
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