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Location: Boulder, CO, United States
School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Field of study: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Cameron Seamans
University of Colorado, Boulder 3.701 GPA B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering May 2018

Engineering Work Experience
RF engineer at First RF Corporation May 2016 – August 2016
o Designed and simulated an L/S Band crossed-dipole microstrip patch antenna.
o Designed, simulated, built up, and tuned a C Band dual-linear patch antenna.
o Created 2D artwork of antenna and antenna array to get professionally printed.
o Wrote MATLAB code to model EM wave interactions with prisms and dielectrics.

RF engineer at First RF Corporation May 2017 – August 2017
o Designed, simulated, built up, and tuned a VHF/UHF broadband antenna.
o Wrote MATLAB code to control a stepper motor for antenna testing.
o Wrote a MATLAB script to calculate the active impedance across a field of regard.

Electrical engineer at Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics: June 2014 – September 2015 (LASP is an aerospace engineering facility that designs and builds satellites)
o Used LabVIEW and MATLAB to design and run experiments.
o Designed, ran, and analyzed thermistor matching tests.
o Utilized LT Spice to model and compare circuit arrangements.
o Employed EAGLE CAD to design schematics and PCBs.
o Soldered vacuum-safe harnesses, connectors for tests, components on PCBs, etc.
o Tested and debugged physical circuits with meters and oscilloscopes.

Electrical Engineering Skills
• Proficient with HFSS, FEKO, and AWR to simulate antennas and RF systems.
• Able to build up and test various types of antennas.
• Can analyze match performance and radiation patterns with a network analyzer and an anechoic chamber.
• Soldering, hardware debugging, and PCB design with Mentor Graphics and EAGLE.

Programming Skills
• Proficient in C and C++ (C in Digital Design Lab/Operating Systems/Algorithms and a C++ data structures course).
• Proficient in MATLAB and LabVIEW to create models, automate experiments, and analyze results.
• Proficient in ARM assembly language (programming digital systems course)
o Programmed various interrupt based programs centered around hex displays.
• Proficient in Verilog to program digital logic circuits (digital logic course).
o Programmed a reaction timer and a signed multiplier with buttons and a hex display.

Academic Achievements and Projects
• Member of HKN, the electrical engineering honor society.
• Constructed a robot to play tic-tac-toe via a Wii-remote (Electronics Design Lab).
• Designed and simulated a high frequency loop antenna in FEKO (Electronics for Wireless Systems).
• Programmed a smart-lock controlled by an Android App and NXP microprocessor (Digital Design Lab).
• Programmed and designed a text-to-music app and microcontroller system (Digital Design Lab).
• Courses completed: EM Waves and Transmissions, Electronics for Wireless Systems, Circuits as Systems/Linear Systems, Microelectronics, Digital Design Lab, Electronics Design Lab, Complex Variables, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Operating Systems.