Stuart Gardner
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
School: Brooks Institute of Photography
Major: Photography

Stuart Gardner

Stuart Gardner
590 Hawthorne Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020
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Creative professional with extensive knowledge and experience in photography and videography from producing and shooting to editing and post-production. Strong interpersonal skills and a strategic thinker.
Humboldt State University, Certificate in Faculty Preparation 2016-2017
Brooks Institute of Photography, Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography –
Emphasis in Advertising 1997 - 2000
San Diego State University 1994 -1997
Escuela Superior de Comercio Manuel Belgrano, Cordoba, Argentina, (exchange student) 1993 Internship with Annie Leibovitz (Celebrity Photographer) in New York City 1999
§Photography: I have more than 18 years of experience in photography including, but not limited to, product photography, studio still lifes, location still lifes, people on location, architecture, and events. This experience includes concept meetings, location scouting, producing images, troubleshooting, and working with models, as well as post-production work and photo re-touching using Photoshop.
§Project Management: I have experience setting project costs and productivity benchmarks, successfully managing and controlling budgets, and developing good working relationships with stakeholders at all levels to build consensus. I have effectively led and coordinated project teams, solved critical issues in a time-sensitive environment and defined project scope, objectives, staffing, resources and deliverables.
§Video: From creating storyboards, concepting ideas, planning within budget and timeline, and pre- production to location scouting, and coordinating models, lighting, sound, camera equipment, and scripts, I am able to manage a video project from start to finish. I am also proficient in Final Cut Pro and After Effects and have managed the post-production video editing, making use of rough cuts for client input.
§Image Management: I worked on the set-up and implementation of a company-wide Digital Asset Management system (DAM) for the 10,000+ images stored on multiple servers. This involved collecting the images, sorting, cataloging into the proper channels, uploading to the DAM, and tagging all of the images with searchable terms and keywords.
§Production of Events: I have experience planning the ‘run of show,’ determining video needs, securing the proper equipment, acting as voice talent (vog), directing the show, and managing the schedule.
Petco San Diego, CA 2/18-Present
§ Responsible for shooting people, animals and products for social media, web, email, in-store
displays, and print.
§ Shoot events when needed.

§Quality control on outgoing images, making sure there are no errors in color or retouching and the images are ready for publishing.
§Assist with getting images into the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.
§Assist with brainstorming of ideas for photo shoots and help troubleshoot possible issues. §Assist video department.
HD Supply (HDS) Facilities Maintenance ------------ San Diego, CA 4/07 - 8/16
Associate Manager/Design Supervisor/Project Manager
§Shot products for catalogs, websites, still lifes and portraits.
§Shot lifestyle images for covers, divider pages, ads and marketing pages for catalogs, flyers,
brochures and guides.
§Shot images for e-business online marketing, banners and ads.
§Assisted with the creation of a digital asset management system (Third Light Media Library) and
the standard operating procedures.
§Managed two other still photographers and continued to grow the HDS video department. §Reported to several managers during my time at HDS including the Senior Manager of Creative
Services, the Director of Marketing and Branding, and the Vice President of Marketing.
§Worked closely with the CEO on specific video projects and in planning for the annual Leadership
Meeting and the National Sales Conference.
§Started video department for HDS, developed processes for turning ideas into videos, and wrote
standard operating procedures for shooting videos.
§Created video content for website and YouTube page to give HDS a stronger online presence and
searchable footprint (i.e., product ads, “How to” videos, and online classes).
§Created video content for social media pages to engage customers and drive traffic to the website
(i.e., contest videos, “How to” videos, and “Tips and Tricks” videos).
§Participated in video concept creation in collaboration with client in order to brainstorm ideas, offer
suggestions, and determine best plan to meet needs and stay within budget.
§Consistently created videos in advance of deadlines to allow time for review, feedback, and
revisions. Projects usually lasted between a couple of weeks and a couple of months depending on the scope and purpose of the video. Some videos required more planning, including storyboards, scripts, etc. and would require significantly more time. Social media videos were often created in a shorter timeframe to meet the specific needs.
§Videos were typically developed for a single purpose, but requests often came from other departments to use the videos for purposes other than the original intent. Implemented an additional step to concept creation stage to determine if a video could meet the needs of more than one client by using the same video or a slightly revised video for another purpose, such as trade shows, social media, meetings, etc.
§Shot with a Canon OS X with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens for videos and still photography. Incorporated other dynamic angles and time-lapse photography using GoPro cameras. Also used drone footage to get the “look” the client wanted.
§Edited videos using Final Cut Pro and After Effects.
§Managed vendors to create larger video projects (outside of our in-house capabilities), from pre- production through shooting and editing.

Freelance Photographer 4/00 - Present §Worked for many different clients in a number of industries: Point Loma Nazarene University,
Christ Lutheran School, Polo Ralph Lauren, Blest Cosmetics, San Diego Magazine, Women’s World, ------------, Burning Beard Brewery, Helix Brewing, Wine Vault, Remain Anonymous Clothing.
§Portraiture, families, weddings and events.
Freelance Photographers’ Assistant
§Assistant for Bruce Weber (Fashion Photographer), 2003
§1st Assistant/Studio Manager for Marc Trautmann Studios in Frankfurt, Germany, 2000-2001
§Assisted many local and national photographers on a wide variety of shoots, including fashion, travel, lifestyle, product, editorial, and non-profit. 2000 - 2007

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