Stephanie Williams Resume
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
School: Mills College
Major: Studio Art

Stephanie Williams Resume

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Throwing clay on a wheel; Experience molding and forming vessels on electric and kick-wheel; Efficient use of Stoneware, Earthenware, and Porcelain clays; Experience harvesting naturally-occurring local clays for use; Sifting rocks and wood out of clays for safe use; Experience cleaning ceramic studio; Customer-service oriented care; Algorithm construction; Statistical pattern recognition; Evaluating data in terms of source, volume, frequency, and flow.

Mills College, Oakland, CA Expected Graduation 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics, which is growing knowledge of naturally-occurring clay and kiln operation.

Teammate, Luke’s Lobster, San Francisco, CA August 2019 - Present
Perform multiple tasks, including explaining services and menu items to new guests, maintenance of dishes, floors, and refrigerators, and stocking in kitchen and basement.
Use of Food Handling and First Aid/CPR/AED license

Farmhand Apprentice, Mills College, Oakland, CA January 2019 - May 2019
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday responsibility for watering and maintaining newly planted, firmly established, and bird-and-gopher damaged apple and peach trees, raspberry and blackberry bushes, and chard and kale plants both outside and inside greenhouse and field.
Gently plants new sprouts into tilled rows of soil and composted material.
Use of strength for extended periods of time carting wheelbarrows of fresh mulch, soil, and compost material.

Program Leader, Girls Inc of Alameda County, Oakland, CA September 2017 - November 2018
Coordinated literacy instruction and activities for elementary-aged youth.
Responsibilities included distributing instruction in STEM, consisting of beginner’s HTML, bio-science, and arts such as life drawing and pottery.
Extensive customer service-oriented care working closely and respectfully with parents and guardians, ensuring satisfaction and retention of students.

Lead Studio Assistant, Elaine Quave Ceramics Studio, Greenville, SC August 2015 - May 2017
Gained vital pottery information, and developed an understanding of kiln use and proper studio care
Manager recognition for ability to easily pick-up and utilize new skills and clay-marking techniques.
Lead studio assistant, experience mopping, scraping used surfaces, and caring for leftover clay materials.

Programmer, Project Lead The Way, Columbia, SC August 2013 - May 2015
Tasked with programming moving robotic machine, also assisted with building and welding.
Team entered a competition in which working robots stacked boxes, and the most efficient was the winner.
W.J. Keenan team set school record for performance time.

Horatio Alger Scholar
Watson-Brown Scholar

studio art, ceramics, pottery