Sophia Thompson
Location: Missoula, MT, USA
School: Montana State University
Field of study: Nursing

Sophia Thompson

Sophia Thompson

9899 Sleeman Gulch Rd Lolo, MT 59847

Professional Summary:
My name is Sophia Thompson and I am currently a Nursing Major at Montana State University. I am one who loves to help people in any situation, emotional or physical. I love to work in high-risk, fast-paced environments with those who share the same values as I do. I am a quick learner and can think quickly. I have shadowed multiple doctors and nurses for a total of about 34 hours from a clinical setting, to a large hospital. Socializing and making people feel welcomed and comfortable through empathy, patience and knowledge are my biggest goals for my career future. I love answering any questions people ask and knowing that I am always there to help.

Patient with people

Approachable and friendly

Empathic and understanding

Experience with medical personnel and hospitals

Enjoy fast-paced environments

Natural leader

Enjoy high-risk environments

Quick learner and thinker

Great with technology

Bilingual- English and Spanish, currently learning ASL


Montana State University- Bozeman, MT
Read citable articles for a published paper with Dr. Running, SON Oct- Dec 2018

Montana State University- Bozeman, MT August 2018
Freshman at Montana State University
Nursing Major
Honors College
Expected to graduate May 2022
Hellgate High School- Missoula, MT Aug 2014-June 2018
Graduated Magna Cum Laude- 3.9 GPA

Volunteer, STEAM Club - Morning Star School Bozeman, MT Oct-Nov 2018
Teach 3, 5-9 year olds topics over STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).
Teach topics such as Chemistry, Biology, Geometry, Anatomy and Physiology
1-2 hour prep before teaching the lecture
Hands on interacting with kids
Answer any and all questions the children had with thorough knowledge of the topic and patience with the child.

Shadowing at Rub Pediatrics-Aventura, FL July 17 & 18 2018
Shadowed a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for a total of 16 hours
Hands-on learning of basic diagnosis and check-ups
Filing away lab reports and vaccine orders
Able to do basic MA work, such take heart rate, temp, height and weight
Learned how to chart on two different computer softwares
Learned basic in-clinic remedies
Learned how to do a basic ENT check on children
Learned how to properly use a stethoscope, ophthalmoscope and otoscope

Shadowing at AAGA Health Services - Ft. Lauderdale, FL July 15, 2018
Shadowed a Pediatric Nephrologist for a total of 6 hours
Learned different kidney diagnosis’
Learned how to feel for sensitive kidneys
Learned how to calculate BMI manually
Medical Interpreter for multiple Hispanic patients
Learned how to basically read a urine sample
Learned how to read basically read doctors previous notes and lab reports
Learned more about how the kidney function and how certain problems come about

Shadowing at St. Patrick’s Hospital - Missoula, MT June 2016
Shadowed a NICU Nurse for a total of 4 hours
Learned how to take vital measures on premature babies
Learned how to check for reflexes on babies
Learned how to speak postpartum mothers about the health of their baby
Learned how to check for a baby that is going through withdrawal
Saw nurse charting information onto computer and learned the basic principles of it
Learned how to and where to draw blood from a baby
Learned what an APGAR scale is and how to read it
Saw the OR on the maternity ward and what most tools were used for

Shadowing at Community Hospital- Missoula, MT June 2016
Shadowed a Pediatrician for a total of 4 hours
Learned how to listen for unhealthy lungs
Learned how to properly examine a baby with Down Syndrome
Learned how to interpret weight and height growth charts
Watched doctor properly chart
Helped MA give child a vaccine through tricks I have learned
Learned how to read HCG readings and how to relay that information to mothers

Hall and Hall Missoula, Montana & Bozeman, MT June 2015 - Present
Data Analyst
Gained exceptional typing, analytic and communicative skills

Customer Service
Missoula Symphony- Soiree Missoula, Montana June, 2016
Helped check-in soiree attendees
Provided assistance with any inquiries that guest had

Baker and Seller
DJ’s Cookies Girdwood, Alaska July 2014
Baked and sold 8,000 cookies for Forest Fair
Worked as a cashier as well as restocking food
Big Dipper
Waffle Cone Maker June-July 2016
Made waffle cones for about 4-5 hours
Learned how to do repetitive tasks with minimal errors
Learned how to socialize with coworkers


I have recently earned my HIPPA certification, which lasts me two years.

I am currently enrolled in the Honors College and Montana State University. This means we are taught to be the future leaders of our next workforce. Through this program, I am learning how to a be a just and equal leader, as well as learning how to become even more empathic, virtuous and well-rounded through highly rigorous courses.

In highschool, I was nominated as choir president 3 years in a row. This means I was leader when our teacher was gone. I led all of class and taught the music to my fellow peers. I had the honor to conduct our top choir in high school my senior year.

In highschool, I was also nominated as section leader for my school choir and an extracurricular choir which you must audition for to quality, called the ‘All-Northwest Choir’, consisting of 6 Northwest states.

In highschool, I was awarded the Larry Larson Outstanding Senior Award in choir. In order to qualify, you must show your dedication to the choir and the school. You must show qualities of a leader and high achievement within choir.

In highschool, I lettered 4 times in choir, 1 time in drama and 3 times in Academics for having a 3.9 GPA all through high school.

Was part of the exclusive, National Honors Society, which you can only be asked to join if you have a 3.8 GPA for more than 5 consecutive semesters.

Currently VP of MSNA (Montana Student Nurses Association) club. This club is a club of nurses who go out into the community and volunteer. From teaching kids about medicine to showing the community about CPR, MSNA is always willing and wanting to reach out to the community.