Sophia Boisvert
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Location: Katy, TX, USA
University: University of Texas at Dallas
Major: Software Engineering

Sophia Boisvert

Work Experience and Activities
Baking Assistant – Clark Bakery
-Produced and packaged a variety of baked goods
-Cleaned and organized dishes and work area
Events Coordinator – Naturally Environmental Club
-Planned and executed camping trips and light climbing events
-Organized club activities and transportation
-Planned and executed fundraisers
Model United Nations – Vice President and Treasurer
-Calculated the budget for club activities
-Oversaw weekly meetings to distribute information to members
-Coordinated participation in competitions
Research Assistant – Center for Network Neuroscience
-Ran diagnostics of data analysis of identifying burst leaders
-Analyzed data of microelectrode array recordings
Volunteer Activities
Library shelving and cleaning at Denton Public Library
Participated in Teen Court Denton as an Attorney
Presented concepts and projects at the Girls Engineering Club of Denton
Participated in math tutoring for junior and high school students

College GPA of 4.0
High School GPA of 4.7

Other Skills
Great at following instructions
Strong time management skills

Patient, Good at Organization