Social Media & Marketing
Sport Management; Minor in Marketing
Location: Bowling Green, OH, USA
School: Bowling Green State University
Field of Study: Sport Management; Minor in Marketing

Social Media & Marketing

Currently working in Business Development, primarily focused of handling Social Media Marketing. Experienced Video Assistant in line of work with NCAA Division I coaches and players for four football seasons and three off-seasons. Highly skilled in Video Editing/Production, DVSport Programing, Filming, Social Media Marketing, Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork. Strong educational background with a Bachelor Degree in the College of Education and Human Development focused in Sport Management with a minor in Marketing at Bowling Green State University - Graduated May 5, 2018.

EXPERIENCE NexGoal – Avon, Ohio Jan. 2018-Present
Social Media & Marketing Specialist
• Promoted from Marketing & Business Development Intern in May 2018.
Responsibilities include:
• Operation and Development of NexGoal's Social Media campaigns through: Buffer, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.
• Create social media content contextualized to audiences based upon specifics of job postings and the messages of our Career Advice articles.
• Create content for email marketing strategies to complete business development outreach.
• Conduct Prospect-building through use of GetProspect, external research and Microsoft Excel.
• Experienced in: LeadSquared, Nexxt, PCR Recruiter, LinkedIn Recruiter
• Assisting in additional means of Digital Marketing outreach as they arise.
• Assisting in Screening Processes of Candidates.
Social Media Statistics:
• Organically grew Twitter ‘Followers’ from 498 to 1,860 in 14-week span while only increasing ‘Following’ number from 890 to 1,400.
• Organically increased Twitter Profile Visits from 75 per week to 850 per week in 14-week span.
• Organically growing Facebook page visits, likes and followers to 500+
• Created Instagram profile page that grew to 180 Followers in 4 weeks.

BGSU Football Team – Bowling Green, Ohio Aug. 2014-Dec. 2017
Student Video Athletic Assistant
• Led and instructed filming and editing processes to student film staff.
• Entrusted with sole responsibility of the following Game-Day (Home & Away) duties:
-Collecting all coaches' computers and iPads before the games based on learned preferences.
-Setting up and prepping of main editing computer and all coaches' devices for the current game.
-(In-Game) Editing of Sideline, End Zone and Scoreboard clips of the game one quarter at a time.
-Creating combined files and separating clips by their play types: Offense, Defense, Special Teams.
-Sharing (through Network or hard drive) the created 'marked' video files to each coach based on their title-defined side-of-ball (ODK).
-Redistributing computers and iPads to each coach as quickly as possible before their departure.
• Editing video files for production of concise plays for coaches to breakdown in team meetings immediately after practices.
• Sharing video files in order to allow proper access to requested video material among coaches, players, and other universities’ football programs throughout the MAC Conference and the rest of the country.
• Breaking down film and data entry of games for upcoming opponents.
• Filming for the purpose of coaches’ evaluations and teachings to
improve players individually and the team as a whole.

Elyria Country Club, Elyria, Ohio May 2013-July 2014
• Visual responsibilities of following/finding multiple golfer’s shots.
• Being very personable and friendly with club members.
• Keeping track of golfer's habits (i.e. knowing their club preferences for particular holes/distances.
• Knowledge of the game necessary for offering advice when asked.
• Providing and maintaining equipment for participants and members.
• Award: Received 2013 ‘Rookie of the Year’ Honors for Caddie Program.

EDUCATION Bowling Green State University (BGSU), Bowling Green, Ohio
Bachelor of Science in Education
Major: Sport Management (3.5 GPA)
Minor: Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2018
University Activities
• Sport Management Alliance, 2014
• Honors Society, 2016-2017

SKILLS Video Production • Social Media • Marketing • Business Development • Athletics • Digital Marketing • Microsoft Office • Communication • Sales Teamwork • Leadership • DVSport • Final Cut Pro • Editing • Filming

Social Media, Marketing, Video