Social media manager
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Location: San Antonio, TX, USA
School: University of Texas at San Antonio
Major: Nutritional sciences

Social media manager

Relevant skills:
• Team Work
• Time Management
• Leadership Experience
• Accountability
• Reliability
• Enthusiasm
• United States Marine Corps intel training
• Punctuality
• 6+ years Experience using Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Excel, Word and Google Docs
• 7+ years of social media experience

• Spent a 3 months being trained on how to speak confidently to higher management.
• Conducted many leadership courses in the marine corps and held numerous leadership positions.
• Trained in California for 3 months on discipline and time management
• All college and high-school courses required the use of Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Excel, Word and Google Docs

Work History
• October 2018-January 2019, cravings New Braunfels
• August 2016- September 2018, United States Marine Intel Specialist
• January 2016-July 2016, HEB Cashier and bagger, 1655 W State Highway 46, New Braunfels, TX 78132
• October 2015-January 2016, Target Seasonal Sales Associate and cashier, 135 Creekside Way, New Braunfels, TX

• Leadership course, July 2017-September 2017
• Marine Combat Training, February 2017-March 2017
• High school diploma New Braunfels High School, August 2012-May 2016
• Marine Corps Intelligence Training March 2017- June 2017
• Utsa college sophomore