Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager
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Location: Irvine, CA, USA
School: FIDM
Major: Graphic design

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager

Gabby Oglesby Global Social Media Marketer
A leading media strategist and consultant with over 10 years of experience whose expertise sits at the intersection of digital & entertainment. As a strategist Gabby has executed & managed global campaigns that have reached millions of people, and produced measurable results.

Global Social Media Marketer & Community Manager
01/2019 – Present
Digital Media strategy for entertainment Companies, Celebrity talent, mobile apps and Major brands.
United States
Content creation, community management, campaign management, fan engagement, website development, email campaigns, social media ad buying, growth hacking initiatives & creative direction.
Data Analysis and reporting leveraging multiple reporting platforms.
Identifying, activating, and building relationships with SUPER fans to grow ecosystems.
Develop and implement strategic and comprehensive social media plans; ensure consumer acquisition and engagement support company’s overall objectives.
Create innovative and strategic content across all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Marketing Manager / Director of Community
08/2016 – 05/2018
San Francisco, CA
B2B Cloud Software; Connecting Supply Chains to the future with digital marketplaces, payments, and apps.
Researched, developed and launched the first ever Tradeshift Community that served as a customer service portal and user feedback hub.
Curated/created/monitored compelling content to drive engagement.
Launched campaigns to get user feedback on the idea of the new business apps we were launching and on the new community features.
Worked closely with customers to get feedback, facilitated interviews and developed relationships with the customers who were core members of our community growth.
Proactively responded to new posts and facilitated conversations between users.
Managed posting schedules, reporting and email marketing campaigns to increase engagement.

Director of Social Media Marketing
FirstLook / *newzcard
08/2014 – 08/2016
The first live streaming photography app, live from the red carpet
Planned, managed and executed editorial social calendars.
Los Angeles, CA
Recruited, hired and managed a team to execute social media strategies and curate all content from partner sites.
Managed content, notifications, breaking news, social and editorial content with a live stream of over 40,000 incoming images per day.
Hosted Twitter parties for all award shows during award show season.
Contributed to the rebrand in developing the name, app logo, app UX/UI and relaunch.
Grew our online social following from 0-20K across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat.
Grew our website and app traffic from 0-600K.
Worked closely with the development team to build and launch over 150 Twitter accounts across all categories of music, film and TV to automate content output for a growth initiative.

Director of Business Development & Social Media
03/2013 – 06/2014 Seattle, Wa / Venice, CA
An app development company out of Kirkland, WA specializing in rewarding players for doing what they love.
Sourced and pitched celebrities, sports team representatives, agencies and other on what our platform did, how to use it and monetize their online presence, both virtually and in person.
Created and developed pitch materials to sell the platform.
Launched over 15 custom rewards apps for various talent from Nas to the Seattle Seahawks & Snooki.
Worked cross functionally with talent representatives, developers and social media managers to prepare media and launch the custom app programs.
Facilitated partnerships with various brands to do custom campaigns and market to the celebrity fan bases.
Built and managed a team to handle all of our clients posting schedules & campaigns on social media.
Created branded campaigns for regular promotional giveaways.

Social Media Account Manager
06/2012 – 06/2013 Venice CA
An award-winning social media studio dedicated to building the influence of brands and celebrities through the power of storytelling.
Oversaw community & campaign management across multiple clients and social platforms. Developed monetizing reward apps through technology partners for our clients.
Pitched and signed new clients.
Sourced relevant celebrities to fill pipeline.
Led strategic planning and partnerships for brand clients in content development, creative and artistic design and implementation, legal and technology fulfillment, and account / advertising budgeting and execution.
Created digital campaigns that leveraged the social footprint of celebrity clients like Ashley Tisdale, Jillian Michaels and Shay Mitchell to extend the reach of brand partners.

Social Media Account Manager
04/2011 – 08/2012 Los Angeles, CA
WHOSAY powers marketing campaigns for brands across all verticals, utilizing every level of celebrity and influencer.
Educated Celebrities on how to use the platform, social networking sites and other technology platforms.
Collectively worked with over 1,500 celebrities, managed over 250 accounts on my own.
Did talent outreach and acquisition, pitching our platform to celebrity clients, their representatives, studios and television networks to build strong relationships.
Helped create and manage social media presences.
Developed digital strategies.
Curated and produced content.
Contributed to marketing & PR campaigns for TV shows and branded deals. Created new outlets to drive promotion and monetization opportunities for clients.

Daniel Todd, Former CEO of Affinity
“Gabby reported to me directly in a business development role at Influence Mobile (Affinity Influence Systems at the time). Gabby was great to work with. She is very versatile and creative. It was her job to secure meetings for us to pitch our product to prospective celebrity influencers. She could in the same day create a beautifully designed presentation, secure a meeting to deliver the presentation and do an amazing job working to close deals. I was always very impressed with her diversity of experience and her knowledge around social media trends. She was also well connected in the industry and knew everyone we needed to connect with. Gabby helped us develop and close several early and important celebrity partners which opened the door for more deals as we grew. I would happily rehire her again in the future! I certainly miss working with her every day. I have optimistic predictions for her career path.”
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Justin Kahn, Former CEO of *newzcard
“Gabby is a true marketing powerhouse, with a solid and innovative approach to growth marketing. She was one of the first people I worked with who fully appreciated the 2-way nature of social marketing. Gabby gets involved from the outset, taking a concept from idea, to product, to market seamlessly. Specifically in terms of social marketing, she defines the opportunity as opposed to just following along with what everyone else is doing, a real asset to any project or team.”
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Mo Mostashari, Former coworker
“Gabby is one of the most driven and hard working people I have every met in my life. She is always looking how she can better herself and never satisfied with just okay. No task is too small and none to big, whatever comes her way she makes to get it done with no complaints at all. As motivated as they come, any employer would be lucky to have her on their staff.”
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