Slater de Mont Resume
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major: Game Design and Development

Slater de Mont Resume

Slater de Mont

Programming Languages – Skilled in C# and Javascript as well as React, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Proficient in C++ and Java
Unity – Expert at Unity and have used it to make several games and apps for both Android and iPhone as well as tablets
Salesforce – Skilled in using Salesforce and Commerce Cloud to build sales driven websites
Video Game, Website, Mobile App Development
Game Design and Development – Studied all aspects of game design at RIT
Intensive Peace Corps Training- Various agribusiness practices including post-harvest handling,
monitoring and evaluation, and financial management
Dept, Boston MA
Technical Operations Manager April 2019 –
Worked primarily with Salesforce and Commerce Cloud to build sales driven websites. Clients included Weber and Birkenstock
Helped to make websites AA certified and accessible to screen readers
Worked with an international team of developers
Software Developer
Built and worked on web apps primarily using React framework and javascript
Worked within Agile/SCRUM work flow
Peace Corps Uganda, Uganda June 2016 – July 2018
Agribusiness Specialist for Peace Corps Uganda
Worked at a NGO in a small village in central Uganda doing various trainings and organizational work including teaching gardening, candle making, and helping to modernization the organization
Utilized creative problem solving addressing range of challenges to improve community
Worked with and taught a range of ages with different backgrounds and education levels
BrokenMyth Studios, Fairport NY February 2014 - April 2016
Software Developer
Consulted with clients and internal teams to develop webpages and educational courses as well as simulations
Worked on several games, mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and in-depth simulations both on teams and individually for several clients
Promoted to lead developer on several projects including Zweigle's Dog Time and the Zweigle's App
Acted as a go between for the newer developers and the senior developer
Worked on the UI and many other aspects of Core Worlds Digital
Worked primarily with Unity and C# to make mobile apps
Rochester Institute of Technology – Graduated Cum Laude 2014
Bachelors of Science in Game Design and Development with a History minor
Trinity College Dublin- Fall 2012
Advanced Computer Skills – Knowledgable Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, in SmartSVN, all programs for Microsoft Office, able to create websites and social media accounts, able to teach basic computer skills
Photoshop – Photoshop skills and knowledgable of tool
Creative Problem Solving – Being able to assess a situation and come up with a creative solution to address it

Unity, C#, Javascript, Web development, React, HTML, CSS