Simone Bryan
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Location: San Diego, California, USA
School: San Diego State University
Major: Political Science

Simone Bryan

Simone Bryan
10249 NE Garibaldi loop, WA 98110
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I am currently studying Political Science at San Diego State University. I am a friendly, focused and
devoted individual. I work hard to exceed expectations and provide help to others. My past work
experience has made me patient and comfortable in high-stress situations.
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
Class of 2022
Bainbridge High School, Bainbridge Island, WA
Class of 2018
National Honor Society (2014- 2018)
Job Experience:
Nanny/Babysitting (2017-2018)
Involved cooking, cleaning and driving children from 7 am to 8:30 pm
○ Full-time during summers
○ Part-time during school year
Busser/Hostess/Cocktail Waitress at San Carlos Bar & Grill (June 2019-present)
Taking drink orders/serving drinks
Serving chips and salsa
Clearing/cleaning tables
Volunteer Experience:
Islandwood School, Bainbridge Island
Compass Center, homeless shelter, Seattle, WA
Rotary Auction, Bainbridge Island
March For Our Lives Seattle Youth Team (Marketing Student Leader)
Bainbridge Island Police Department Youth Committee (2018)
Feminist Forum (2014-2017)
Social Justice League (2014-2018)
March For Our Lives Seattle Youth Leader of Marketing (2018)

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