Sidney Felstet
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Location: Bozeman, MT, USA
School: MSU Billings
Field of Study: English & Political Science

Sidney Felstet

Hello! I am a young student living in Bozeman, Montana and working on a double-major in English and Political Science. I am so passionate about connecting with my community and working to make a positive impact. I love to work and I am excited to find out what is next for me!


City Brew, Billings, MT — Barista
AUGUST 2017 - JANUARY 2019
Working at City Brew was my first job in high school. I worked here for about a year and a half and learned so much about customer service, teamwork, and having a strong work ethic. At this job I served customers, made food and drinks, learned to take complex orders, worked the cash register and drive-through, did dishes, and cleaned equipment and the coffee shop during closing shifts in the evenings. I learned a lot at this job but eventually moved on to something with a bit higher pay towards the end of high school to prepare for college.

McDonalds, Billings, MT — Crew Member
JANUARY 2019 - JULY 2019
After leaving City Brew I began working at McDonalds to make a bit more money and prepare to move to Bozeman for school. Here I continued to improve my customer service and communication skills, learned new skills in the kitchen, and did more extensive cleaning during late-night closing shifts. I worked here full time up until it was time for me to leave Billings and move into my first apartment.

Goodwill, Belgrade, MT — Cashier
JULY 2019 - AUGUST 2019
After moving into my first apartment I briefly held a position at the Belgrade Goodwill while I looked for a more permanent job. I spent the rest of my summer learning about retail, sorting endless items at the donation door, tagging items, and helping customers. Often I was assigned the task of sorting and pricing the many books that were donated, as a book lover it was my favorite department. While I loved this job and my coworkers I was in need of a higher paying job now that I was fully supporting myself, so I moved on to work at Walmart.

Walmart, Bozeman, MT — Cashier
I continued to learn more about retail and gain experience in customer service as a cashier at Walmart. Here I experienced working in a large store with a wide range of departments and an extensive inventory for the first time. I learned how to quickly and efficiently help customers at the register while answering any questions that they may have about items throughout the store. I have grown so much working here and love my coworkers! While I still technically hold a position here I am now on a leave of absence in order to gain job experience in fields that are more closely related to my studies in school. I am pursuing a double-major in English and Political Science and just recently did some canvassing work for New Approach Montana through Fieldworks.

Fieldworks, Bozeman, MT — Canvasser
JUNE 13TH, 2020 - JUNE 19TH, 2020
I recently discovered Fieldworks and applied to work with them temporarily until their petitioning was complete. Unfortunately I discovered this opportunity late and only got to work with them for their last week of petitioning, but I really enjoyed this job. During this week I worked overtime and even though I was only able to be with them for a short time, I had an amazing experience. I stood at sights in downtown Bozeman, traveled to other Montana cities, and went door to door in residential neighborhoods. This job was unlike any experience I have ever had and I loved talking with voters and hearing the perspectives of Montanans from many different political backgrounds. I met intelligent and hardworking people in my canvassing group, and had difficult yet important conversations with voters about topics that may seem controversial or complicated to navigate. Not only was this job a great educational experience, but it was morally fulfilling to me as well in the sense that I felt I was involved in work that truly made an impact on the lives and wellbeing of Montanans and Americans. I learned so much and would love to be able to continue to do similar work for as long as I can.

Progressive Turnout Project, Bozeman, MT — Canvasser
JULY 2020 - NOVEMBER 2020
After Fieldworks left Montana I joined Progressive Turnout Project in reaching out to voters across several states to encourage them to vote in the 2020 election. We canvassed door to door in Bozeman, Montana and then eventually shifted our focus to phone banking and letter writing due to Covid-19 restrictions on canvassing. We called and wrote letters to so many voters in several states. It was an amazing experience and I loved connecting with voters and reminding them how valuable their voices truly are. Unfortunately after the election on November 3rd, Progressive Turnout Project left Montana and doesn’t have any other open positions yet so I am searching for other similar work. I love working with organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact in their community!

Billings Senior High School, Billings, MT
I attended high school at Billings Senior High. Throughout high school I took honors and AP classes, and took classes over the summers. I participated in varsity choir and the school’s philharmonic orchestra, and graduated a semester early in January 2019 with a 4.1 GPA. During high school I also took college credits through Senior’s dual credit program.

MSU Billings, Billings, MT — English & Political Science
SUMMER 2019 - MAY 2019
The summer after my junior year of high school I began taking online courses at MSUB through Senior’s dual credit program in order to begin my double-major in English and Political Science. After my early graduation from Senior, I continued to take courses on campus at MSUB, completing my first year of college credits in May. I then took a year off of school in order to work full-time and save to continue my education!

I am driven, hard-working, and love to connect with new people and learn new skills. I am so passionate about making an impact in my community and I always strive to do so in my day-to-day interactions with others, no matter how small. I have lots of experience in customer service and political canvassing! I am punctual and reliable, and always come to work ready to learn from the people around me and work to better myself. I hope to connect with you soon and get to work!