Shannan Brown Resume
SS Education History and Psychology
Location: Boca Raton, FL, USA
University: University of Kentucky
Major: SS Education History and Psychology

Shannan Brown Resume

100 Magnolia Street, Jacksonville FL 32xxx-xxx-xxxx – s​ xxx-xxx-xxxx
BA in Secondary Social Studies Education/ Double Minor in Psychology & History – ​The University of Kentucky, May 2016
High School Diploma with High Honors.​ 3.6 GPA, Danville High School, May 2011 WORK EXPERIENCE
Jacksonville Icemen Internship
● Prepared for events, daily games and contributed to fan engagement.
● Organized team merchandise as well as prepared for future sale at booths around the arena.
● Shadowed in the operation and procedures of social media management.
● Worked closely with fans to ensure an overall positive game time experience.
● Helped with fundraising and charitable events produced by the Icemen staff.
Cumulus Broadcasting, LLC
9/2018 - Present
12/2017 – 8/2018
● Created and updated employee manual for the advertising sales assistant job
● Designed and created posters and other materials for station remotes, projects and account executives presentations.
● Worked remotes assisting the promotions director and talent with set up and execution specific to clients’ needs and wants.
● Read scripts and helped in the production of certain commercials and ads for various clients.
● Input local and national orders, ensuring that the proper commercial runs on specific stations at the correct time and date.
Grad Trak Imaging/Iconic Group 8/2017 – Present
● ● ● ●
Attend and participate in various University related events and shoot pictures according to protocol.
Pose and organize groups or individuals for the specific needs of the event.
Handle paperwork, forms and sale sheets for individuals to ensure fast and efficient ordering of prints.
Organize groups of people by specific order based upon credentials needed for the event. (Lining up graduates, organizing by class
or sorority etc.)
Jackson Kelly Law Firm, PLLC
● Input data to request and print checks for clients, bills and attorneys at the firm.
● Paid various bills for the firm and for clients.
● Created and organized spreadsheets for individual bills and accounts for the firm.
● Closed and opened files for attorneys as needed.
● Updated and maintained all law library books and subscriptions.
● Handled filings, fees and other necessary tasks for attorneys in courts throughout Kentucky.
8/2016 - 11/2017
8/2016 – 11/2017
Attended different events around Lexington and shot pictures of patrons, market suppliers and businesses.
Generated and uploaded various folders and pictures for each individual event to the correct client or business website. Created and maintained relationships with breweries, bars and local companies in order to build opportunities and shoot more
upcoming events.
Owner & Photographer - Refined Focus - Event Photography, LLC
Veteran Employment Pay Raise – Athens Chilesburg Elementary School
CPR Certified through workplace employment – First Presbyterian Church
100+ Hours of Practicum Teaching through UK EDC – Lexington Catholic High School Dean's List – Spring 2015 – Overall GPA 3.1
PatrickScott,C​ umulusBroadcasting,LLC​​xxx-xxx-xxxx
Lana Thomas, J​ ackson Kelly, PLLC​ ​xxx-xxx-xxxx
Kelly Nicol, ​First Presbyterian Church​ ​xxx-xxx-xxxx
Meredith Hayes, A​ CE Assistant Site Director​ ​& Teacher at Tates Creek Elementary 8​ 59.221.2565 Sarah Jane Tamme, ​Center for Academic and Tutorial Services​ ​xxx-xxx-xxxx

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