Seungyoun (Samantha) Lee's Resume
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Location: Anaheim, CA, USA
School: University of California, Irvine
Major: Psychology and Sociology

Seungyoun (Samantha) Lee's Resume

University of California, Irvine – Irvine, CA September 2017—December 2019
Psychology B.A. and Sociology B.A.
Cypress College – Cypress, CA August 2013 –May 2017
Completion of IGETC program with AA-T in Psychology and Sociology
Behavior Functions, Inc.—Costa Mesa, CA January 2019—June 2019
Behavioral Therapist
 Implemented 1:1 therapy for individuals with various autism spectrum disorders using educational and behavioral
 Helped develop and implement individualized treatment plan as directed by Behavior Analyst.
 Maintained professional knowledge by attending educational workshops and trainings.
 Progress reporting based upon the client’s goal and accurately recorded data through charting and graphing.
 Communicated confidentially with consultants, therapists and parents, all while keeping the clients motivated to
Starbucks Coffee Company—Irvine, CA January 2018—December 2018
Certified Barista
 Built professional relationship with cliental to ensure and provide quality performance.
 Used knowledge of drink formulas and training skills to provide quality coffee and beverages.
 Performed all support tasks such as cleaning cases and equipment and restocking display cases.
 Handled payment transactions and balanced the cash register at end of shift
Star Bright Dental—Westminster, CA September 2016-June 2017
Front desk receptionist and patient coordinator
 Ran the morning meetings by preparing and reviewing treatment plans with the entire staff.
 Developed strong patient relations by providing the highest level of customer service and care.
 Managed dentist’, orthodontist’ and hygienist schedules by confirming and scheduling patients.
 Answered incoming calls, emails, texts and responded to numerous patient inquires daily.
 Verified client’s insurance for dental coverage, filed insurance claims and medical billing.
 Coordinated dental records, x-rays often working side by side with multiple dental labs and pharmacies to ensure
that the patient receives the proper product and medication for surgery.
 Accurately maintained all patient records including personal and medical information.
 Patient coordination by helping patients sign up for loans and set up a payment plan for treatment.
 Followed up on unresolved account balances to bring revenue in for the office.
Creamisty—Cerritos, CA November 2015 –June 2016
Team Member & Shift Leader
 Greeted customers and answered all calls with the best professional and friendly manner.
 Supervised rotating shifts, as well as the store inventory and replacement of liquid nitrogen tanks.
 Reviewed resumes for applications and interviewed candidates handling the hiring process.
 Trained newly hired team members to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
 Maintained money management for the store to ensure all registers, safes, deposits and chance overs are
completed in timely manner.
Central Justice Center, Orange County Superior Court—Santa Ana, CA June 2018—January 2019
Victim/Witness Advocate Intern for Waymakers Organization
 Reviewed police reports and sent letters to victims/witnesses notifying them about court dates.
 Shadowed victim/witness advocates as they assist those in need due to traumatic experiences.
 Attended court proceedings such as preliminary hearing, jury trial, and sentencing and followed up with assigned
cases gaining knowledge of court terminology and penal codes.

Psychology, Sociology, Behavioral Therapist, Front Desk Receptionist, Patient Coordinator