Seng Chow Choy
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Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
School: UCLA
Field of Study: Mathematics of Computation

Seng Chow Choy

Seng Chow Choy
1333 14th Street Apt 3 Santa Monica CA 90------------

University of California, Los Angeles
BS, Mathematics of Computation Expected graduation date: Spring 2022
• GPA: 3.82
• Computing classes taken
o PIC10A (Introduction to Programming),
o PIC10B (Intermediate programming)
o PIC10C (Advanced programming)
o PIC40A (Introduction to Programming for the Internet)

Login authentication Demo version, Code
Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS, PHP
• Users are prompted to create an account using their email address and then verify their email address before they can log in.

Greeting block Demo version, Code
Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
• Created a page that only greet the people who are on a specified list and allows them to adjust some parameters of a particular block on the website. (Type “Foo Bar” when prompted for name to access other content of website. Refer to readme for more details.)

Snake game Code
Technologies Used: C++
• Created a snake game using the ncurses library

Work Experience
Singapore Armed Forces Singapore
Transport Operator 02/15-12/16
• Responsible for driving and maintaining variety of military vehicles such as 8-ton trucks, Land Rovers, and ambulances for many different units in the army
• Recorded and checked the mileage of all the military vehicles regularly
• Involved in helicopter evacuation drills from remote training areas in a 3-month overseas mission

Volunteer experiences
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Volunteer 08/17-12/17
• Communicate with patients, visitors and nurses through phone and also through face-to-face interaction
• Kept various cancer patients company every week
• Responsible for basic office duties including filing and organizing patients’ files

• Bi-lingual (Mandarin and English)
• HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Python
• Microsoft Word, Excel

Seng Chow