Seeking opportunities
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Location: Apache Junction, AZ, USA
School: Arizona State University
Major: Early Childhood Education

Seeking opportunities

Patricia McNally (formerly Suprik)
733 E Navajo avenue, Apache Junction, AZ 85119
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To attain a job in which I can be of service to others.

1-2018 to current
Arizona’s Children Association
2066 West Apache Trail Ste 101
Apache Junction, AZ 85119
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At Arizona’s Children Association I was a case manager for children and their families. My job was to facilitate behavior health by coordinating referrals, having CFT meetings, documenting client objectives and choosing appropriate services for each family. I went into the schools, clients homes, and worked out of the office and my home as necessary. Medical documentation and billing were part of my responsibilities as well as providing crisis intervention and trauma informed care.

10-2016 to 1-2018
Ellsworth Elementary
38454 N Carolina Ave.
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
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I taught all day Kindergarten in 2016-17 and Pre-K in summer school. In the fall of 2017 I taught first grade and am currently in this position. I have an at will contract and will provide 10 days notice when I find another job. After a great deal of soul searching I have decided that I no longer want to be a classroom teacher. The passion that I once had for this profession is gone and I have decided to pursue other interests.

10-2015 to 04-2016 Happy Valley East
266, E Westbrooke Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
Phone: ------------

I taught all day Kindergarten at this school. This was a back to basic school where I learned some great teaching strategies such as ladder blends and "Tools for Teaching" for behavior management. Unfortunately after a serious car accident in March 2016 I had to take a few months off to recover. After my leave I was told that I did not have a contract for the following year.

10-2014 to 05-2015

I began with this district as a teacher in the BEST program teaching students with behavior
challenges in an inclusive environment. After some concerns about the violence that went on I was
transferred to a job as a junior high science teacher and then a contracted sub for the district.

7-2014 to 10-2014 Imagine West Gilbert------------ Gilbert, Az

I taught all day Kindergarten. My duties included planning, preparing for and administering
various assessments, managing behavior, instructing in small and large groups and team planning.
Unfortunately student enrollment was not what the administration had planned and budget cuts
were made. I was the last Kindergarten teacher hired and the one that was laid off.

8-2012 to 5-2013 Taft Elementary School/First Things First------------ Mesa, Az
I taught two three hour preschool sessions four days a week. My duties included keeping a
detailed digital portfolio on each child, behavior management, modeling behaving and expectat-
ions, teaching socialization skills and assessing physical and mental growth milestiones.

8-2013 to 5-2014 Eisenhower Center for Innovation------------ Mesa, Az
I taught a first grade ELD class. My duties included creating and administering assessments,
behavior management ,small and large group instruction, one to one ipad instruction, tier two and
three reading instruction, START phonics instruction and DIBELS testing.

01-11 to 6-2013 Excalibur Charter School------------ Apache Junction, AZ
I taught first grade the second semester of the 2010-2011 school year. Duties included: behavior
management, assessments, small and large group instruction, keeping track of scores, modifying
coursework to various levels to meet the needs of all students and communication with staff and
parents. I began teaching kindergarten on July 19, 2011 and am still teaching in this grade.

09-10 to 12-17-10 Vista Grove Prepatory Academy ------------
I taught an all day Pre-K class. I instructed my students in early learning skills such as fine motor
skills, social skills and proper behaviors. Our daily scheduled included fine motor skills centers,
dramatic play centers, writing time, and daily lessons. In addition, I helped meet the students
basic needs by providing snacks, nap time, and providing a safe environment.. I was let go due
a decline in enrollment.

09/09 to 09-10 Mesa Public Schools------------ Mesa, AZ
I was a substitute teacher for this school district. I have subbed in grades pre-school
through twelfth grade.


CVS Pharmacy------------ Mesa, AZ
I was a cashier and photo clerk at CVS. I provided customer service and loss prevention as well. I assisted customers on the floor and put away stock as needed. I helped train new employees and assisted customers with the digital photo machines.


Lindbergh Elementary------------, Mesa, AZ
part time student teacher

In this position I was in full charge of the class from the beginning of the day until lunch time. I began each day with daily routines such as attendance, collecting lunch money and
even serving breakfast in the classroom. The first thing I taught every day was the calendar. I taught children how to count money, we worked with even and odd numbers, tens sticks and ones cubes, we counted to 100 by twos, fives, and tens and of course reviewed the date and sentences regarding yesterday, today and tomorrow. In addition we reviewed money and the days of the week/months of the year. After this, I taught phonics and spelling to the children as a whole group and continued on to teach whole group reading skills. In addition to these tasks, I was in charge of doing small group reading groups and going over the students’ class work.

Meridian Elementary------------, Mesa (Gilbert School), AZ
part time student teacher-Pre school

In this position I was in charge from 8:00 until 1:30 each day. I taught two classes a day, morning and afternoon. The class was integrated preschool. I had the opportunity to sit in
on teacher conferences and some IEP meetings as well.

Jefferson Elementary------------, Mesa, AZ
Instructional Assistant

At this location I helped the teacher and the students with various duties such as taking the students to and from specials, assisting students with their class work, and keeping children
on task. I worked in an all day kindergarten setting.

Volunteer Services

I performed 90 hours of service learning in various classroom settings including: the Head Start Program, an integrated preschool, a resource classroom, kindergarten, and a second grade classroom.

2010 Masters in Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction
Arizona State University
Graduated in December 2010 with a 4.0 GPA

2009 Early Childhood Education
Arizona State
University, Mesa, AZ
I graduated in
May of 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood. I have completed 45 hours of SEI coursework.

2007 Associate in Arts, Arizona General Education Curriculum certificate Education GPA: 3.5
Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
General all subjects

1991 General Studies Diploma
Red Mountain High school, Mesa, Az

In my free time I enjoy reading, photography, and scrapbooking.

Keyword Summary
I am a highly qualified professional and I look forward to finding a career doing what I love most-working with children. I have a great deal of patience and a sincere desire to help children achieve their highest potential. My experiences with children in the last few years have prepared me for the career path that I have chosen. I look forward to becoming part of your dedicated staff.


Graduated from Mesa Community College with high distinction.
Graduated from Arizona State University Summa Cum Laude

photography, writer