Seasoned Brand Ambassador
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Location: Nashville, TN, USA
School: Tennessee state University
Major: Mass Communications

Seasoned Brand Ambassador

ABOUT ME….Yvette L. Wright

I am an authentic Born& Bred Salesperson. I have a natural “gift”. Selling is in the fiber of my DNA. There are individuals that people are just drawn to and find trustworthy. I am one of those people.

Yes, I move product creatively and professionally. I engage new business, train hands on and build lasting brand loyalty. My sales career spans over 20 plus years. It includes Cable industry outside sales, Pharmaceutical, Entrepreneur venture, and Skincare.
Most recently, I was the Sales Account Ambassador for Task Essential Skincare. I am experienced, self-motivated, goal oriented and passionate about my chosen career.

Some of my additional assignments include: Home Chef Sales Ambassador Nashville Michel Germaine Perfumes, Indie Lee, House of Sillage Perfume
Retail Doors: Bloomingdales (Michigan Avenue Chicago/Atlanta GA Lenox)
Barneys (Chicago), Nordstrom’s, Niemen Marcus
Terms of service: W-9 Freelance, Contract Short/long term, Outside market
Licensed Aesthetician

Please see my resume attached for more on my background and qualifications. References are glady provided.

Yvette L. Wright