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Location: Doylestown, PA, USA
School: OpenClassrooms
Field of Study: Web Development


• Ruby on Rails, JSON
o Created an events platform similar to Meetup
o Users can sign up, create new events, RSVP to
existing events, etc.
o Source code publicly available on GitHub:
o Created online survey app, with question and answer info stored in separate JSON files
o Allows easy modification to survey questions without developer input
o json gem used to read/parse JSON files
o JavaScript used to display results (on password secured page) in both table and pie chart form
• HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
o Created static website for hypothetical film festival using HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap
o Used HTML5 and Bootstrap 3.3.7
o Used JavaScript to add interactive lists of interesting films in the film festival, toggle text boxes, etc.
o Website is responsive to different screen types – mobile, tablet, and desktop
• WordPress
o Created simple website capable of showing different
real estate properties for sale and for ren
o Created admin accounts so that (hypothetical)
owners can add and/or remove new properties
o Website available at ------------
o Created online survey app similar to one created with Ruby on Rails, but using PHP and MySQL
o Created database with information on questions on survey, and corresponding database with answers collected
o Adding a new question is as easy as adding a new entry to the question database
• Volunteer at Centre County Library & Historical Museum (2017-present)
o Data entry &various office tasks.
o Digitalize the obituaries, death notices and estate files
o Demonstrated flexibility and reliability