Home Furnishings
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: High Point University
Major: Home Furnishings


Professional Summary
Proactive, driven professional with 4+ years of customer and sales experience, with a proven knowledge of client retention, organized planning, account development , and new market development. Aiming to leverage my skills to grow and succeed within a company who shares the same values of teamwork and success.
Work History
Humanscale - Remote Representative New York, NY
08/2017 - 03/2019
● Remote A&D Representative with in home office setup, with some field work offering presentation, consulting, or product demonstrations.
● Offered on-site benefit-oriented sales presentations to high level executives and Fortune 500 companies.
● Used a consultative sales approach to understand and meet customer needs.
● Successfully generated close to $1M revenue in my first year.
● Organized marketing campaigns, networking events, and product
launches to drive revenue.
● Successfully prospected new clients for business development
(including cold calling, warm leads, customer management and
internal software).
● Addressed and resolved strategy issues to support sales management
and guide business direction.
Baker New York - Client Relations New York, NY
07/2016 - 04/2017
● Developed design solutions to sell company product and services within client's specifications and budget.
● Evaluated client needs and provide total individualized design solutions.
● Established customer relations and render consultations for designs.
● Provided stylish design solutions by following up-to-date patterns and
● Participated in corporate design promotion and training programs to learn about company product and tools for selling/design.
● Styled and displayed products strategically to help client realize presentation significances in terms of size, color, and placement in relation to existing space and furnishings.
● Met with over 7 customers per week to discuss their vision and their individual needs.
● Developed marketing and sales strategies to maximize business success.
Furnitureland South - Design Consultant Jamestown, NC
02/2016 - 07/2016
● Successfully develop customized sales techniques to successfully gain new clientele to purchase product.
● Met with clients and established décor needs and used computer programs to create custom project proposals in alignment with client budget, tastes, and timeframes.
● Planned, designed, and furnished residential and commercial properties.
● Included Google Sketchup/Powerpoint/AutoCad renderings for inspiration as well day of install home design.
● Prepared strategies and proposed concepts for client approval.
● Contacted other contractors to assist in job duties, including lighting
and renovation.
● Researched current and emerging art and graphic design technologies.
● Managed day-to-day business operations and made strategic
● Translated discussions into leading on-demand app design and layout.
● Managed customer expectations with open consultations and frequent
Kristin Tompkins
Former Director ------------
Scout Hutchinson
Client Relationships
Former Colleague ------------
Marybeth Ferrer Showroom Manager Former Manager

interior design ; virtual ; sales