Rickie Daniels Resume
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Location: Joliet, IL, USA
School: Millikin University
Major: Biology no degree

Rickie Daniels Resume

Rickie Daniels
1104 Harrison ave.
Joliet, IL 60432
Objective: An interesting position with a growing company.
Minor car repairs and landscaping between jobs. Some short term assignments.

September 2016
Old Castle North Field Block Morris, IL. Quality Technician
Certified forklift operator
Run lab test on aggregates and finish products for Paving and Block plants.
Collect samples form plant and trucks. Run daily Seives.Load samples into ovens overnight.
Checks moisture on truck loads with an Oahu’s moisture analyzer. Monitor flow meter.
Compression testing on finished Blocks and Pavers samples .Measure PSI with a Test Mark compression machine.
Absorption and density testing on Pavers and Blocks.
Measuring samples with a tape measure and a caliper. Weigh samples. Calibrate probes.
Cutting samples with a Chop saw and a Dry saw.
Make patch kits. Color matching and making sample pucks for the sales department.
Record all data for computer entry.
Wear required PPE and work with limited supervision.
Ability to lift up to 100lbs.

September 2013
March 2015
Owens Corning Summit, IL Pilot Plant Operator -Contract position
Operate Pilot Plant scale equipment and Laboratory equipment to support Asphalt business.
Operate Asphalts Convertors in a blown asphalt capacity to achieve a desired ASTM standard and specification. Oxidation of asphalts .
Pilot Plant operations uses high pressure measuring inches of H2O to monitor back pressure also elevated temperatures to avoid flashing.Monitor flow meter.
Handling of asphalt materials and light ends waste materials. Exposure to flammability and Flash Points.
Maintenance of Pilot Plant equipment and modifications of equipment to insure safe operations and
length proper results.
Collect samples for lab testing.Do in process testing to determine time and length of process.
Testing done on materials are Softening Point, Penetration and Viscosity.
Computer work to enter samples into system and test data.
Understanding of PPE’s, JHA, s and SOP, s. Support in SOP writing.
Collect data on the hour through out the shift.
Make adjustment s to production run. Weigh materials in pounds and grams. Mix and blend samples.
Chemical handling of a variety asphalts, mineral spirits and glycerine.
Troubleshooting of Pilot Plant equipment.
Monitor air pressure, temperature and exhaust system.
Accountable for maintenance, cleanliness, quality, and upkeep and 5’s of equipment and work area.
Inventory all samples and stock materials for operations
Certified forklift operator.
March 2013
August 2013
Honeywell McCook, IL Manufacturing Technician -Contract position
Operate a Control Room to manufacture catalyst in a gas fuel setting.
Operate Caliciner and Denox unit.
Collect samples for lab testing.
Weigh out totes (super sack).
Computer work to enter samples into lims system.
Collect data on the hour through out the twelve hour shift.
Make adjustment s to production run..Troubleshooting.
Chemical handling.
Trouble shooting.
Monitor steam pressure, moisture, temperature, ammonia, dampers, amps, blowers and exhaust system.
Monitor the sweco for fines,oversize and onsize materials
Certified forklift operator.

August 2011
February 2012
Flint Hills Resources Channahon, IL. Packaging Operator
Certified forklift operator
Fill and stack 50lb, 500kg and1000kg bags.
Collect samples for lab testing.
Gauge silos. Load rail cars.
Operate belt press for waste sludge.
Audit finish material form production.
Computer work on emails and spreadsheets.
Chemical handling,OSHA,GMP,VTA's and SOP's operations
Trouble shooting.
Started up, shut down and checked water and wastewater treatment processes.
April 2010
April 2011
URL Pharm Pro Aurora, IL Manufacturing Operator-Contract position
Certified forklift ,pallet jack and scissor lift operator
Weigh raw material in grams. Mix and blend raw materials.
Use of analytical scale, calibration of scales and microscopes.
Compound dry and liquid materials, weigh and package.
Check friability, hardness, weight and thickness.
Computer work Microsoft, word, excels emails and spreadsheets.
FDA, CGMP, FDA, SOP's and Code of Federal regulations operations.
Use of Metal detector,deduster,halogen mettler moisture analyzer
Operate V-Blender, tablet press, granumill, fluid bed to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs.
Disassemble, clean, inspect and assemble manufacturing equipment.
Use of caliper, micrometer and calculator.
Collect data.
Chemical handling and trouble shooting.
Closely inspected equipment for safety problems, leaks and wear and tear
February 2009
April 2009
Exelon Energy Company Braceville, IL. Decon Worker-Contract position
Clean radioactive surfaces.
Stock safety materials and uniforms.
Certified electric pallet jack operator.
Load and unload semitrailers.
OSHA operations.
February 2006
November 2007
Magrabar Chemicals Morton Grove, IL. Laboratory Technician, Production Operator, R&D
Inspect all incoming paper work for raw materials.
Inspect all raw, in process and finish materials.
Inventory all materials and paper work..
Titrations, wet chemistry, physicals testing density, viscosity with a viscometer, color and ash.
Make cofa's., labels and batch sheets.
Compound, mix and blend powders and liquid from batch sheets.
Weigh materials on scales powders, acids, white oils and peroxide.
Pump materials to and from tankers and tanks.
Operate a heat exchanger,valves ,gauges meters and trouble shooting to manufacture food grade defoamers
Fill 5gal, 55gal, tote containers, and 6000gal tankers.
Certified forklift operator.
Chemical handling. Load tankers.
Computer work Microsoft, excel, word, outlook and spreadsheets.
HACCP, FDA, GMP and SOP.s operations.
Maintained correct temperature, levels and pressures on process systems and equipment.
June 2005
January 2006
Intertek Caleb Brett Romeoville, IL Field Inspector
On call 24/7.Extensive traveling the Midwest.
Gauging and sampling shore tanks and barges.
Handling chemicals, asphalts, solvents and petroleum.
Computer work Microsoft, emails, charts and spreadsheets.
Gauged and recorded daily tank inventory.
January 2005
May 2005
Loaders Croklaan Channahon, IL Laboratory Technician-Contract position
Inspect all raw materials paperwork.
Inspect all raw, in process and finish materials. Following SOP's.
Titrations, Wet Chemistry, Centrifuge, and Physical testing.
Testing IV, Color, PV, Soap, PH, Capillary Melts, GC. Sensory, Nickel, Dirt, Iron, OSI, Drop melt and Trans fat.
Computer work Microsoft, excel, spreadsheets, outlook, lims system and emails.
Make cofa's
Chemical and food grade oils. Chemicals acids, peroxide, oils and propylene glycol.
August 2004
December 2004
Diageo Plainfield, IL Tech Opp-Contract position
Submit sample request.
Enter samples into computer in lims system.
Email panelist for sensory testing.
Calculate measurements, label cylinders and fill out paperwork for sensory testing.
Physical testing. Use of calipers, micrometer, torque testing and drop testing.
Handling alcohols and distilled liquids.
June 2003
March 2004
Nanophase Technology Burr Ridge, IL. Production Operator
Operate four reactors to produce Zinc Oxide and Aluminum Oxide.
Collect data every 15 minutes.
Weigh materials onto scales, collect samples label material.
Compound materials, chemical handling and following SOP's.
Certified forklift operator.
Chemical handling and trouble shooting.
Read automatic gauges at proper intervals to determine flow rate of gases.
April 2002
November 2002
Toyal American Lockport, IL. Laboratory Technician
Inspect all raw materials, Inprocess and finish materials paperwork
Titration's, wet chemistry and physical testing of paint powders and pigments
Testing methods. Screen test, color, color draw downs, color matching, refracts and Karl Fischer.
Calculate and make adjustments to batches.
Enter batch sheets and results into the computer
Computer work, Microsoft, excel, word, outlook, emails and spreadsheets.
Chemical handling and following SOP's.
January 1983
November 2001
Henry Company-Grundy-Industries Joliet, IL. Team Leader -Plant closed
Compounding. Mixing and blending of solvents, asphalts, powders, aluminum powders, fibers and silica’s.
Chemical handling and trouble shooting.
Operate blenders, pumps meters, gauges and valves.
Pump materials to and from tanks and tankers.
Operate production equipment for packaging.
Inventory all materials. Gauged and recorded daily tank inventory.
Order all raw materials form venders.
Assign work schedule for staff.
Inspect all raw, inprocess and finish materials and make adjustments. Use of penetrometer, Zahn cup and viscometer.
Communicate with costumers.
Open, start up and shutdown production equipment and plant.
OSHA and NIOSH operations.
Certified forklift operator. Load tankers.
Plant closed in Joliet.IL.
Joliet Central High Joliet, IL, USA High School Diploma: General Studies
1978 to 1982
Millikin University Decatur, IL, USA
Course work in Biology and Chemistry from 1982 to 1984

References: Mike Martin------------ Former Supervisor Henry Company.
Jeff Smith------------ Former Supervisor Owen Corning.
Mohammed Siddiqui------------ Former Supervisor Magrabar Chemicals.
Joe Murrell------------ Former Supervisor Flint Hills Resources.
Wet Chemistry, Titration's, Physical Testing, Quality, Forklift, Gauging, Sampling, Inventory, Data Entry, Laboratory technician, Quality, Chemical Formulation. Forklift, Pilot Plant Operator, Chemical Operator, Chemical handling, Production Operator , Manufacturer Technician, Manufacturing Operator ,Loading and unloading Tankers and Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Air Compressors . Computers, Word, Access Excel, Spreadsheets, Emails, PowerPoint.

Laboratory Technician, Quality Technician, Pilot Plant Operator, Chemical Operator