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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Boston College
Major: Economics Major, Mathematics Minor


Boston College B.A. Economics, Mathematics Minor
(3.890) Boston College Carroll School of Management's selective summer program in Finance, Accounting, and modules in Business Law, Strategy, Marketing, and Excel


Yutaka Electronics Korea LTD. Business Analyst (June 2016~)

Illuminate the global, wearable technology market for up to 2023 by amalgamating and arranging reliable data.
Research trends, such as the growth rate differences between Consumer and Industrial IoT, and academic research that may be implemented in innovating semiconductors.
Revamp Excel spreadsheets by updating existing sales charts to more straightforward pivot tables.

Roland Berger, Research Assistant (June 07 ~ July 31 2016)

Wrote letters and translated Request for Proposals on behalf of the Managing Partner.
Researched the metal alloys used for each aircraft and automotive part, including wind turbines, and nuts and bolts, for the models provided by the leading automotive and aerospace players.
Investigated the link between government regulations and the usage of CFRP, a lighter yet denser material that allows for higher fuel efficiency in airplanes and automobiles.
Quantified the positive relationship between CFRP use and demand for diamond cutting tools by graphing the data collected from the digital inventories of OEMs.

Excel (VLOOKUP & pivot tables), PowerPoint, STATA, LATEX Native Korean and English speaker

Business Analyst, Research Assistant, Boston College