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Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA
School: University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
Major: Business Journalism, Studio Art

Resume_MaryBeth Thomas

MaryBeth Thomas
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108 Misty Woods Circle, Chapel Hill NC, 27514


Frosty Ice Cream Shack – July 01 2016 – October 01 2016
Company Name – The Frosty Shack

The Frosty Shack is a quaint, seasonally open restaurant in my county that takes pride in serving real dairy soft serve ice cream, Front Porch hand-dipped ice creams, malts, shakes, banana splits, and hot fudge sundaes. This was my first official employment experience where I took management roles and was required to display leadership, and commitment to a standard 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm shift on occasion. Through this experience, I gained my first real work experience and enjoyed every moment of making ice cream, to talking with customers, and especially in playing my Ukulele (small guitar) and singing at the register.

 Managing the register (taking orders and handling money).
 Making all menu items.
 Providing adequate communication between other employees within the shack, sometimes two and maximum of three other people at once.
 Ensuring all customers receive the greatest flavors and customer service possible with great emphasis on children.
 Cleaning and maintaining the sanitation of the shack consistently both inside and out.
 Taking responsibility for opening/closing and sometimes working alone.
 Promoting the business, accepting and communicating feedback with my employers and other employees.

Music Instructor @ Good Hope Orphanage and Day School (Volunteer)
November 04 2016 –April 17, 2017
Company Name – Good Hope Orphanage and School

Arusha, Tanzania
Good hope is an orphanage and day school ran by volunteers and donors. Good Hope is dedicated to taking children
and providing them with food, education, and shelter as well as offering love. Their mission, “Building a better
world, one child at a time.” The college I will attend in the fall of 2017 has a partnership with Good Hope and is
responsible for founding and funding the music program that I work through. I work alongside Admo Adam to
instruct children in East African music with influences from other parts of the African continent and the Western
world. I teach using vocals, guitar, ukulele, and piano while he focuses more on dance and rhythmic aspects of
percussion. Together we compose songs for the children in both Kiswahili and English. Soon, we will be performing
for the school and recording in studio.

° Writing and performing music for and with the children of Good Hope and neighboring communities.
° Providing strings (guitar and ukulele), piano, vocal, and music theory lessons.
° Encouraging music engagement and inspiring students to continue practice even after leaving Good Hope.
° Promoting continuous music education all days of the week and offering private classes to students of high
interest in the art form during lunch periods and other free times of the day.
° Practicing English with students and forming a one-on-one connection with each child.
° Learn innovative teaching strategies from my colleague, Adam and take away African influences in my
performance pieces as a musician in the United States.

Public Engagement Intern at Wits Rural Facility in South Africa
Company name- Wits Rural Agincourt Facility
Tinswahlo, South Africa
Wits Rural is a research facility in South Africa working with individual villages in a rural region of the country to
better understand methods of health practice and acquire information on migration patterns, health, death, and
social factors that contribute to the quality of life for individuals in the area. The facility hopes to utilize their
information to impact other regions of the country and to better understand the factors shaping the swift
development of the country as a whole. The organization partners with locals and different universities in order to
provide education and employment of individuals in the country and local region. Wits Rural partners with the
WHO (World Health Organization) in order to provide models of data collection that can be used universally.

° Working in the field and in the office designing lesson plans, managing fact sheets and analyzing VA data.
° Updating the VA(Virtual Autopsy) program for the WHO (World Health Organization)
° Designing more engaging informative materials for sample collections (blood, sputum, etc.)

North Carolina Governor’s School East TA/C
June 22, 2018 – July 26, 2018

Raleigh, NC
The North Carolina Governor’s School is a summer program dedicated to providing a unique learning experience for high-achieving rising juniors and seniors in a variety of areas. With regard to my position, I was a teaching assistant/counselor (TA/C) in the Visual Arts Department. Moreover, I served as a Residential Advisor (RA) for more students in the program.
° Planning and leading courses primarily focused towards international ethics and basic Kiswahili classes. I also led demonstrations for my art students and served as an advisor when students were homesick or otherwise concerned.

Academic Honors and Awards:

Clyde & Mildred Wright Scholarship Recipient

Charles & Suzanne R McKinney Scholarship Recipient

SIT: Wildlife and Political Ecology, Arusha, TZ Scholarship recipient


UNC Excel@Carolina Research Scholar

Public Engagement intern at Wits Rural Facility in South Africa- working in the field and in the office designing lesson plans, making fact sheets and analyzing VA data.

FYC Member (First Year Council)-Leadership committee of about 12 students directed through the Campus Y at UNC that talks about and engages in issues of social justice.

Buckley Public Service Scholar-Logged over 350 hours of service

NC PERG- Organization that fights for environmental and social justice on campus and beyond.

Marketing Director for Helping Hands Development Center, TZ

UNC Global Gap Year Fellow
UNC Summer Internship Grant Recipient

Athletic Accomplishments:
• UNC Varsity Fencing Sabre
• UNC Women’s ACC Fencing Champion
• UNC Aikido
• UNC Coach’s Award Recipient
English, Kiswahili

sports, outdoors, community, journalism, marketing, sales