Resume_Lily Rusthoven
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Location: Clemson, SC, USA
School: Clemson University
Field of study: Anthropology

Resume_Lily Rusthoven

Lily Rusthoven
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EDUCATION ________________________________________
Clemson University, College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology Spring 2020
Minor: Business Administration

Clemson University Dean’s List Fall 2019
Clemson University President’s List Spring 2020
WORK EXPERIENCE ________________________________________
A/V and Conversion Technician Clemson, SC
Clemson University: Campus Activities and Events Summer 2019-Summer 2020
• Effectively manage time to prioritize client needs in a fast-paced environment
• Build over 30 client relationships while maintaining front desk responsibilities
• Manage 15 venues controlled by Clemson University’s Campus Activities and Events department
• Navigate scheduling technology to ensure all events are properly anticipated
LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE ________________________________________
Campus Events Chair Member Clemson, SC
Phi Sigma Pi, Clemson University Fall 2018-Spring 2019
• Manage and plan 2 events on and off Clemson University’s Campus
• Effectively communicate with groups of over 50 peers to lead and manage planned events
• Market event, perform preliminary A/B tests and survey fraternity members through social and print media
• Conduct weekly presentations of progress concerning my position
Creative Inquiry: An Examination of Death in Pickens County Clemson, SC
Clemson University Fall 2019-Spring 2020
• Understand creation of relational databases and processes of accurate data input
• Assist in the data entry and organization of death records from the Pickens County Coroner’s Office
• Analyze temporal trends in demographic data
Undergraduate Research, Department of Anthropology Clemson, SC
Clemson University Spring 2019
• Self-conduct ethnographic research to explore the relationship between student behavior
and university induced schedules
• Survey the cultural perspective of 10 college students by means of interview
• Interpreted, analyzed, and presented qualitative data results
LIFE Scholarship Fall 2016-Fall 2019
Anthropology Club Fall 2016-Spring 2020
Phi Sigma Pi: National Honors Fraternity Fall 2017- Fall 2019
TECHNICAL SKILLS________________________________________
Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Google Drive, Outlook