Resume for Teaching Assistant
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Location: Garden City, NY, USA
School: Pennsylvania State University
Major: Psychology

Resume for Teaching Assistant


The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA    2013-2018
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology                           
The Garden City High School, Garden City, N.Y.                                                           2009-2013


Psychology 212, Developmental Psychology
Strong understanding of the social, emotional, and intellectual changes that occur during progression from infancy to adulthood
Familiar with age-relevant solutions to social and emotional problems
Obtained the knowledge, skills, and techniques for improving the well-being and quality of life of children, adolescents, and their families.
Psychology 221, Social Psychology
Understanding of how an individual’s behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes are affected by their social environment.
Psychology 243, Introduction to Well-Being and Positive Psychology
Attained psychological knowledge to develop and maintain effective personal adjustment and well-being and positive social relations.
Developed knowledge to apply empirically derived principles of psychology to address everyday experiences.
Learned ways to enhance one's life. Learned to embrace strengths, foster personal growth, and enhance well-being based on scientific research.
Psychology 256, Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
Investigated the ways in which we acquire, store, create and use knowledge with a focus on neuroscience, attention, perception, memory, imagery, language, problem solving, creativity, and reasoning.
Psychology 270, Abnormal Psychology
Focused on psychopathology and abnormal thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.
Familiar with the causes of many psychological disorders.
Developed an understanding of background, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options for psychological disorders.


Tutor; Blair family; 2009-October 2015
Tutored children in elementary and high school Spanish.
Tutored children in high school math, specializing in algebra and trigonometry.
Tutored children in chemistry, biology and physics.
Provided editing services.
Assisted children with college applications.

Nanny/tutor; Elaine family; 2015-2017
Provided care for a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and behavioral delays.
Provided understanding and undivided attention at times of aggression.
Encouraged creativity by implementing daily arts and crafts projects.
Limited screen time and encouraged outdoor activities.
Worked with school aides to create an effective schedule for children.
Intervened during disagreements and established safe environments for communication.
Encouraged growth and love.

Nanny; Escaleira family; June 2017-Present
Provides full time child care for child since age 1.
Maintains a hectic schedule and long hours.
Assists with event planning.
Fosters creativity and plans learning and recreational activities well suited for the child.

Respite Worker; Family and Children’s Association; January 2019-July 2019.
Created treatment plans for children ages 9-21 with emotional and mental disturbances.
Provided a therapeutic break for children in a non-clinical setting while working on their goals to help them grow and cope with their challenges.


Member; Best Buddies; 2009-2013
Developed lasting friendships with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Planned social events for members to participate in outside of the school setting.
Created plans for specific members based on their interests and abilities.
Attended social events and provided transportation for members.

Founding member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha; 2013-2017
Launched service organization with the vision of promoting community service to the Penn State community.
Responsible for managing relations and organizing fundraisers for St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Responsible for managing funds allocated by Epsilon Sigma Alpha
Attended different workshops with the goals of recruiting additional members interested in serving the community

Active Member, Social Chair, Chi Omega Fraternity; 2013-2017
Scheduled and organized all chapter social activities
Planned events for attendees and multiple organizations
Worked with the social committee and appointed committees for social functions
Enforced National Panhellenic risk management policies and campus regulations during chapter social functions

Head Captain, Garden City Varsity Kickline Team
Created a network of effective communication for a team of 40 members
Monitored team members attendance and performance to ensure peak execution of routines
Creatively choreographed twenty-two routines and hundreds of formations specific to each team member’s strengths

Energetic and positive even in challenging situations.
Patient and understanding.
Experience with children who have special needs and behavioral problems.
Excellent ability to work one-on-one and in group settings.
Strong communication skills (verbal and written).
Ability to see multiple perspectives.
Ability to build rapport quickly due to natural empathic nature and attentive listening skills.
Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Adobe, Content Management Systems.
Passionate about helping children cope with their given circumstances and thrive in life.
Analytical skills in psychology.