Resume - Collin Dillard
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Location: Tallahassee, FL, USA
School: Florida State University
Major: French and German

Resume - Collin Dillard

I am pasting below my TESOL resume, which focuses on my experience in education. I also have experience as a resident assistant on campus at Florida State University and receptionist duties at DeGraff Hall (also at Florida State) and in the cosmetology industry.

Collin Dillard

Citizenship: USA
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single

Objective Overview
TESOL-certified professional specializing in grammar and conversation education. CLT and student-centered teaching methodologies with a demonstrated creativity for introducing all four learning domains to the classroom environment. Profound respect for foreign culture and linguaculture. Five years of formal French, four years of formal German, and two years of formal Japanese education personally applicable to teaching style and encouraged learning styles.

Education and Certification
Florida State University
- B.A. in French and German (Dec 2018)
- TESOL certification (Dec 2018)
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
- Intensive summer course on German Language & Culture (Jul 2018)

Related Work Experience
Intern, Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University Aug – Dec 2018
Attended two seven-week sessions working under the director, Dr. Patrick Kennell, observed 3-5 classes weekly, and participated in intern and faculty meetings. Apprenticed under Sana McHarek, MS as a Teacher’s Assistant. Aided and led class activities, created and employed a lesson plan working closely with McHarek’s guidance, and assisted with grading.

ESOL Tutor, Florida State University, Tallahassee FL Aug – Dec 2018
Worked individually with student to meet personal objectives with language acquisition, focusing on grammar, conversation, writing, and vocabulary. Assisted student with TOEFL exam studying and preparation, primarily speaking and writing prompts. Created study aids, activities and task-based assignments based on student needs.

Learning Disabilities Tutor for K-12, The Cape Academy, Cape Coral FL Aug 2012 – May 2013
Working individually and in groups, guided and assisted students through homework, projects, and miscellaneous assignments in mathematics, English, science, and U.S. history after school. Completed administrative tasks and graded assignments. Created and maintained healthy and constructive spaces for students of varying neurodivergent, physical, social, and home circumstances.

Skills and Other Related Competencies
Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Leadership, interpersonal, and time management skills from Resident Assistant position at FSU
Extensive knowledge of language learning resources and strategies (online and otherwise)

tutor, time management, administrative