Resume Chaerin Park
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Berklee College of Music
Field of Study: Bachelor in Music Business (Marketing) & Vocal Performance (Dual Major)

Resume Chaerin Park


Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) 2015-2019
- Bachelor in Music Business (Marketing) & Vocal Performance (Dual Major)
- GPA 3.5


- Berklee World Tour (Live Auditions) Scholarships 2015-2019
- Berklee Achievement Grants 2017-2019


Production Projects
-Executive Producer/Manager KPOP Showcase 2017 Boston, MA April, July, Dec
-President of Korean Pop Music Club Boston, MA Jan-Dec 2018
-Executive Producer KPOP Showcase 2018 Boston, MA May, July
-Executive Producer Berklee K-Night 2018 Boston, MA Dec 2018

-Managed Korean Production team
(Head Producers, Video Directors and Scenarists) Boston, MA Nov 2015
for Chinese TV Program Production
-Managed students studying abroad(US) agency Seoul, Korea 2019

-Student Activities Center (Commuter Team staff) Boston, MA 2016 - 2018
-Managed in Campus Wide Production Team Boston, MA 2018
-Economics Tutor in Liberal Arts Departments Boston, MA 2018

show production, management, marketing