Resume and Cover Letter
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Location: Houston, TX, USA
School: Texas Southern University
Major: Criminal Justice and Business Administration

Resume and Cover Letter

LeShaun Lewis

5500 Sampson St. Apt 7203
Houston, Texas 77004
Cover Letter
My name is LeShaun Lewis. I attended North Shore Senior High where I received my high school diploma. While in high school I also attended the local community college, San Jacinto. I have worked as a sound engineer and trained others as well. After school I assisted Veronica Stell, a teacher, in grading her assignments, helping with lesson plans, and running errands. I was in the theatre department and went back after I graduated to help with shows. While in the theatre department I was treasurer which means I dealt with money often and was well trusted by the head of the department. I was also a part of the marketing team in the Theatre department. In addition to theatre, I was also in other programs such as the Criminal Justice program, where I earned a number of certificates and I participated in debate for 3 years. I was a part of the Teen C.E.R.T. team and helped manage a number of school events such as talent shows, dance recitals, and a number of other things. When I was not participating in school activities I helped out at Open Arms Food Pantry, a food pantry ran through my church, Ministry of Empowerment. I was a barista at the Starbucks on my college campus and I worked in the bookstore. I am now a student at Texas Southern University where I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Business Management and minoring in Political Science. I am expected to graduate December of 2021.
I enjoy social media, as do many people my age. I am pretty active on most social media websites and I believe that it is one of the new forms of communication among the newer generation. I believe I am able to use it to bridge the gap between multiple generations. Same ideas, just new voices.
I enjoy music and art. In my down time I will design music or draw. I hope to open a school someday so I also research and study different schools and different types of learning and teaching. On my free weekends, I like to study new business ideas. I enjoy studying different laws and cases that have helped shape our society.

I can type 56 words per minute
I know how to use Microsoft
I am able to work under pressure
I am a quick thinker and fast learner
I have great communication skills
North Shore Senior High School - Teacher’s Assistant
August 2015 to May 2017
My job was to make my boss’ job easier
I was responsible for handling money
Starbucks - Barista
August 2016 to December 2016

Sound Designer
August 2016 -Present
I design music or soundtracks for plays and dance shows

Telecommunication Intern
August 2016 - 2017
I learned how to adequately helm customers over the phone

August 2016 -Present
I occasionally take care of older people by bathing them, feeding them, and making sure they take their medicine. I am in charge of their wellbeing until their primary caregiver can resume their responsibilities.
August 2015 - August 2017
I volunteered at Open Arms Food Pantry until it’s closing

May 2015 - August 2017
I volunteered at the Ministry of Empowerment and Opulence Children’s Church every Sunday until I left for school.

Texas Southern University
August 2017 to Present
CPR Certified
Microsoft word satisfied
Emergency Care and Safety

Veronica Stell
Former student/Assistant
Vaughn Belcher
Former Music Engineer

Kenneth Fisher
Former Student