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Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
School: Colorado State University
Major: Equine Science


Madeline Jones
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850 S. Overland 23, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Major: Equine Science
College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Internship Experience

Ecology and Wildlife Internship, Edinburgh Scotland (Summer 2018)
Spent seven weeks in Scotland doing the following: Mapped and surveyed badger setts in West Lothian region, learned about badger setts and their role in the environment, planted wildflowers to help conservation of the bee population. Practiced conservation management skills, performed data entry for field studies, wildflower studies and pollinator studies, helped build an outdoor education classroom, duties included post hole digging, post hole placement and tree removal. Performed extensive mapping of surrounding area for bee pollinator strategy planning; mapping included wildflower, hedge and species mapping. Learned how to use MAVIS (Modular Analysis of Vegetation Information System) for NVC (National Vegetation Classification) surveys within the UK. Became certified in NVC in the UK. Preformed geochemistry sampling in bogs, salt marshes and freshwater ponds, and preformed species identification (plant, insect and animal) in bogs and freshwater.

Work Experience

Currently employed as a veterinary technician at High Quality Research. Trained in administering medications, monitoring anesthesia, helping with minor surgeries and dental surgeries. Performs cage, kennel, cat room, surgery rooms, etc. Helps with general animal care, especially with cats, dogs, and rabbits. Preforms feeding, nail trimming and general patient care.

Currently employed as a barista and line cook at CSU. Job is focused on customer satisfaction, quality service, time management, and consciously creating a positive work environment. Skilled in performing basic cooking and serving duties, barista duties, cashiering, food prep, stocking, and customer service/satisfaction.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer for WET (WorkExchangeTeam) (2017)
WET is a volunteer based program that allows people to get a first step into the music industry by volunteering at music festivals helping with garbage clean up and recycling, water stations, festival set-up and tear down, and running various aspects of the festival.

Marketing Team Promotor for AXIS Marketing (2017-2019)
AXIS is a music promotion company in Denver, I promoted for various Denver based concerts, shows and music festivals. I performed various marketing duties for AXIS, including social media marketing, online marketing, poster routes, handing out and posting flyers, spreading word by mouth, etc.

HeadCount is a non-profit organization that helps register people to vote at concerts, festivals and various events.Through HeadCount I have regularly registered voters in Colorado and across the country at concerts and music festivals and gotten voters to take action in various non-profit organizations.

Pets Forever (2017-2018)
Pets Forever is a program which functions in partnership with the Colorado State University Foundation designed to help low-income elderly and disabled Larimer County residents maintain ownership of their pets for as long as possible, and to improve the health and well-being of these pets and owners by providing needed help and resources. This has allowed me to provide: In-home animal care (e.g., dog walking, brushing, feces removal, litter box cleaning, etc.), Companion dog walking (walking with pet and owner), Transportation of animals to/from vet or groomer and home delivery of pet food and supplies for those unable to perform these tasks for themselves.


Has experience owning or caring for the following animals: Dogs, cats, rabbits, various reptiles, horses, sheep, goats, cows, mules, birds, fish/aquatics and other small animals.

Dedicated, Driven, Enthusiastic, Professional, Cooperative

Served as Vice President Facility Operations on the President’s executive board. Duties included managing and running the chapter house for 180 girls. Served as resources chair and fundraising chair on non-executive board. Developed a strong set of leadership skills and the ability to work well with others, time management and organization.

Experience will all Apple and Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.