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Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
School: University of Arizona
Field of Study: Engineering


I’m Juan Contreras
6363 West Royal Fern Drive
Tucson, Az 85757
I have worked as a cashier at all my old jobs. I am able to count very well. I am a very good worker and am able to communicate well with others and customers. I am very good with attendance and I am always on time as well. I have a lot of social interactions at work and I am able to speak to be people one on one or in crowds of people.
March 2018 - June 2018
Goodwill, 4800 West Gates Pass Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85745- Intern
I talk to people coming in and out of the museum trying to have them stay longer or ask if they enjoyed the exhibit or not.
Talked in big groups of people giving out all information about the animals in the exhibit, have great memories and I'm a good hands on learner.
Very dependable and always on time working I'm always trying to find something to do.
January 2019- Now 2019
Tucson Marriott StarPass, Tucson Az 85745
Here at the hotel I was able to deal with difficult guests who were upset and I had to deal with them multiple times.
I also was able to pick up heavy loads of things as well as walking around the whole day on my feet with no breaks.
Cheddars - Tucson Arizona 85716
I am a server for cheddars here. I'm a fast paced worker as well as an efficient one. I really enjoy how busy it gets because it always gives me something to do.

Finished high school with my high school diploma. I am currently an undergraduate at the university of Arizona