Communications (TV Production, Film Minor)
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
School: Ohio University
Field of Study: Communications (TV Production, Film Minor)


Reigo Sindonen,
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Looking to work as a video editor in a production house or television where my creativity, skills and experience can help in learning and growing the company.
I can imagine myself in the footage, from which I have to make a video and be able to perceive the atmosphere. And with this I create a vision in my head on how to have a video.
Work History:

Video Editor Dance Talk Network USA 11/06/2019-01/02/2020
Responsibilities as a video editor include assembling the raw footage, screenplay, outlining of footage.
Video Editor Fox News US 09/03/2019- 04/04/2020
Responsibilities as a video editor include assembling the raw footage, screenplay, outlining of footage. And help users with their everyday issues.Responsibilities include ensuring the progress and quality of the audio and video editing. Help and consult users with their problems. Assemble the final video production.
Video Editor Bloomberg News USA 11/06/2019-01/02/2020
Responsible for the promo videos and inside tv videos. Gather uncut rushes and sounds, store them and synchronize them accordingly. Determine the sequence of the film by cutting files digitally and use the usable parts in the film.
Video Editor Carnival Cruise Lines USA 11/06/2017-01/02/2018
My job was to make promotional videos. Which were filmed with drones, close-ups, etc.
The main ones were promo videos, about 2-3 minutes long. To which music, pictures and effects had to be added.
What were the different services that the ship offered. Local clips that introduced the ship's personnel.

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Additional training:
06/10/2018 News editing AVID Media 20 hours Estonian National Broadcasting (ERR)
05/17/2018 Video editing Adobe Premiere Pro 90 hours Oy Filmman
02/03/2018- 02/22/2018 Video editing training 200h Storytelling on Trailers by Netflix
09/01/2017- 09/22/2017 Video editing training 200h Daily News by D.Ford
07/01/2017- 07/22/2017 Video editing training 200h Documentary workshop
04/23/2017- 05/22/2017 Video editing training 200h Color correction and sound design.
06/25/2017- 08/22/2017 Video editing training 200h Storytelling on weddings
02/12/2016- 03/13/2016 Video editing training 200h Real Estate video workshop
05/13/2016- 05/28/2016 Video editing training 200h News storytelling workshop by FOX
05/09/2015- 05/30/2015 Video editing training 200h Adobe Premiere Pro

08.2017 Solving conflict situations 148 hours
09.2010 Developing customer relationships and sales skills OY Ariko 78 hours
04.2013 Successful sales, OYAuriko, 26 hours
01.2012 Sales training 78 hours

About me :

I'm an open-minded person who loves my job. For me, video editing is like writing a book to help balance my life. In my spare time I am always open to enjoying my life just as I feel. To do this, I travel, do sports, go out with friends, etc. I consider it important that one of my hobbies is to actually achieve economic freedom so that "my investments will be successful" I supplement myself in the financial field and pay attention to the signals the economy gives. I am always very attentive in this regard.
My strengths in this area are detail focused, storytelling and also the effects and color correction