Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
School: CSU
Field of study: Health and Exercise Science


Braedan Stewart

2719 Stanford Rd. —------------—


• Developed strong leadership and teamwork skills through hundreds of hours of community service as a part of Boy Scouts, participation in clubs and school activities.
• Good analytical, conceptual and problem solving skills with youth and when working with others.
• Quick learner and easily adaptable to new and driven environments.

Completed third year of Health and Exercise Science May 2019
Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, CO
Senior, Graduation date May 17th, 2021

HES Club, Young Life Club August 2017-current
• Continuously help with planning for events
• Attempt to provide a sense of community and leadership within the clubs

Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America Feb. 20011- May 2016
• Earned the rank of Eagle Scout with additional Bronze, Gold, and Silver Palms
• Attended then staffed for two years at Bighorn National Youth Leadership Training
-NYLT Bighorn is a program designed to provide youth members with leadership skills and experience they can
use later in life
Staffer at Camp Barnabas, June 2017
• Camp Barnabas is a program that provides positive experiences for people with special needs
and chronic illnesses
• Assisted campers with daily tasks- hygiene maintenance, activities, special events
• Closely worked with children with special needs

Lifeguard at CSU Rec Center May 2019- Current
Performed rescues in the event of drowning/accidents and performed first aid according to the demands of the situation
• Utilized and developed strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and a positive attitude towards others
• Red Cross certified in CPR/ First aid
• LGI certified

Staff member for CSU Ram Camp May 2018- August 2018
• Worked with kids to inspire appropriate social relationships
• Introduced healthy habits through sports
• Helped kids find a love for exercise and being active

Part-time day care support for family May 2017- May 2019
• Children are 4, 6, & 10 years old

Highlands Ranch Rec Center- Lifeguard Nov. 2014- August 2017
• Ensured safety of patrons by staying attentive and vigilant
• Obtained a leadership position
• Developed positive relationships with coworkers and visitors