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Location: Dallas, TX, USA
School: The University of Texas at Dallas
Major: Electrical Engineering


Mohammed Nabeel Idrees
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Seeking an internship offer in Electrical Engineering during fall 2020 in order to build upon my technical and professional skills.

The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX GPA: 3.06/4
Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering May 2021
 Jonsson School Graduate Scholarship Recipient
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India GPA: 3.3/4
Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering June 2019

Programming Languages: Embedded C, C, C++, Python (TensorFlow, OpenCV), Verilog, MATLAB
Operating Systems: Windows, ROS, Raspbian, Linux
Applications: Arduino, CV-AVR, MATLAB, PSpice, Cadence, Keil-uvision, PyCharm, SIMULINK
Device Modules: Raspberry Pi, Arduino series, Atmega series, TI-MSP series

Trindec Technologies, Hyderabad, India January 2019 - June 2019
Perception Intern
• Incorporated Naïve Bayes algorithm in embedded electronics to determine the decision threshold condition for various target outputs.
• Developed an AI based Chatbot on Raspberry Pi using different ML algorithms– Multi Layer Perceptron and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Increased the training efficiency of the deep learning model by 5%.
• Interfaced NLP programming with Raspberry Pi and text-speech algorithms in python to achieve the desired outputs of conversation flow.


Deep Learning Based Speech Denoising Machine Learning August 2019 – December 2019
• Tools/Techniques: MATLAB, Batch normalization, Adam’s optimization algorithm, SIMULINK.
• Designed an efficient FCNN architecture to develop a self-supervised deep learning-based solution for denoising real-time speech.
• Achieved subjective accuracy of 89% by comparing versions of noised and denoised speech signals.

ME-ME the AI based Chatbot Embedded Electronic, AI December 2018 – April 2019
• Tools/Techniques: Raspbian OS, Python & Debian Programming, 3D Printing
• Designed and implemented a learning assistant on Raspberry Pi by incorporating audio communication features to conduct conversational revision sessions. Developed to help students prepare for exams.
• Augmented speech recognition efficiency by 25% and improved the response time by 10%.

Synchronizing Bots Swarm robotics January 2018 – April 2018
• Tools/Techniques: Arduino programming, Master-slave operation technique, GSFK modulation
• Programmed master and slave robots to communicate over nRF with each other and travel in coordination with master robot. Selected for 100% funding by college’s R&D center out of 85 projects.

The Road Doctor-Pothole Filler Robotics January 2017 – April 2017
• Designed and constructed an autonomous robot that could detect and fill potholes with sand while traversing on roads using ultrasonic sensors, obstacle avoiding and sand filling mechanisms.
• Analyzed the characteristics of ultrasonic wave emission & reception. Developed suitable embedded C code to calculate the depth of pothole and distance from obstacles using ultrasonic sensors.
• Fabricated a mechanism using micro servos to control the flow of sand filling in potholes.

IEEE RAS Student chapter MJCET, Vice Chairperson 2018-19
Robotics Club MJCET, Vice Chairperson 2017-18
MOSAK India IEEE International Conference at Hyderabad, General Secretary Jan 2019 – Feb 2019

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible to work part time and full time for up to 36 months without sponsorship.

arduino, raspberry pi, ML, AI, Atmega, Python, ROS, C++