Location: Olympia, WA, USA
School: South Puget Sound Community College
Major: Business


Chieh Chi Chang
312 G ST SW Unit A
Tumwater, Wa 98512
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- My objective is to utilize the skills and experiences I have in the past education and volunteer activities to help company achieve their annual plans and be successful. My goal is to exert my languages skills that is English and Chinese. I can work independently and cooperate with others, and I am punctual and proactive person. In addition, I am interested in trading business and assistant position.
Educational Background:
- South Puget Sound Community College, Associate in Business (2020)
- National Chang-Hua Senior School of Commerce, Chang-Hua City, Taiwan
High School Diploma (2016)
Summary of Skills:
- I am bilingual which Chinese and English.
- At SPSCC, I have volunteered ISA club activities. I learned the importance of cooperation and communication skills.
- From 2013-2016 I was a leader of Green ground youth volunteer club where I exhibited exemplary leadership skills in the eyes of other youth and adults while completing various volunteer works throughout my community.
- I also played basketball where having a sense of leadership and guidance is pivotal for the success of the entire group not just the individual, this also encompassed the ability to pay attention to details no matter how big or small they may have been.
Work Experience:
Chang Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. Changhua County, Taiwan
Office Assistant (2019)
- Checking the inventory in the storage
- Typed and checking delivery order to make sure the numbers are correct
- Placing purchase order
- Organizing inventory to be shipped
- Typed shipping labels for the company and shipping company.
- Facing customers to sell the product

Gigaring Sealing Tec, Changhua County, Taiwan
Quality Control (2016-2018)
- Checking product to ensure that the company standards were upheld for each and every product.
- Packaging of products after ensuring they were up to standards.
- Typed shipping labels for the company.
- Maintained and kept track of the inventory for various products the company was responsible for.