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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: University of Texas at El Paso
Major: Accounting



University of Texas at El Paso, Texas.
Bachelors in Accounting, Graduated May 2019.
Overall GPA: 3.01/4.
Clubs or Organization: (BSA) Bhutan Student Association.


- Good online selling skills, 4 years of selling online things on ebay and amazon.
- Strong command of English language; outstanding both written and verbal.
- Exceptional time management and organizational skills.
- Excellent dedication to responsibilities; willing and able to take directional well.
- Technology savvy with MAC and PC systems as well as phone and email.
- Adept with Microsoft work, Microsoft office and excel.
- Upbeat and compassionate personality.
- Punctual, reliable and caring.

Part time assistant at Bhutan Multi services. (Sat, Sun)

- Greeted and maintained professional and friendly environment at work.
- Providing excellent customer services to all job seekers by understanding their needs and skills.
- Managing social media posting and marketing.
- Cleaned and organized office every day to ensure
- Helped writing a resume.
- Filing and storing all records of clients for future reference.
- Managing finances

Part time Financial Agent at World Financial Group (WFG)

- Attended financial workshops and learned all aspects of finance.
- Studied and acquired my life License.
- Learned about potential future financial crises, taxes and the national debts, future financial crises, compound interest, inflation, rate of returns, stocks and bonds, education and college planning programs, all types of insurance, importance of Will & Trust, funeral Concierge plans and scarcity of financial literacy in our country.
- Prospected and educated people about the importance of financial literacy to avoid making financial mistakes.

(Full time and part time) at Massachusetts.

05/2014-01/2015 (Full time- 9 months)
05/2015-08/2015 (Part time- 4 months)
12/2016-01/2017 (Part time- 2 months)
04/2019-07/2019 (Part time- 4 months)

- Taking full responsibility of the daily and deep house cleaning.
- Doing laundry, ironing, and organizing fine fabrics and materials.
- Caring for fine household items.
- Marble floor cleaning and silver polishing.
- Running errands,
- Caring and walking for friendly family pets (dog and cat )
- Occasional planning and preparing meals.

College Work History

Student Assistant at University of Texas at El Paso

- Greeted and maintained professional and friendly environment at work.
- Running department monthly expense report.
- Filing and documenting every financial expense reports in the designed storage.
- Providing students with relevant information about academic and personal support services available at the department.
- Cleaned and organized office everyday to ensure hygiene at workplace.
- Processed book orders every semester for each class.
- Planned and developed ideas for special events and holiday functions.
- Checked and replied to everyday emails without failure.
- Ran department monthly expense reports.

University Help Center at University of Texas at El Paso.

- Helping the new University students with college locations, important events and programs that are happening at the University.
- Assisting the new students or faculties with showing around UTEP campus, local cafeterias and restaurants and the labs.

Volunteer Camp Manager’s assistant.
International Youth Federation.
Feb 2015.
- Learning essential knowledge of organizing, leading, and promoting interest in recreational activities, such as art, crafts, sports, game, camping and hobbies.
- Working with senior managers to coordinate team development activities and training.
- Offering constrictive feedback and contributed idea at weekly staff meeting.
- Making and editing photos and videos of the final day.

Experience from Home Country.

Housekeeper/ Houseman/Caretaker
- Swearing allegiance to the Palace Confidential agreement.
- Greeting and welcoming the Royals in a polite manner all the time.
- Providing full museum-quality service cleaning in the Palace alongside other staff.
- Special cleaning proficiency in special surfaces (silver, marble, crystal, antiques, brass, stones, artwork and other specialty service).
- Maintaining tidy and orderly closets, pantries, and storage areas throughout the palace.
- Washing, ironing, steaming and folding linens, towel and clothing.
- Assisting the Housekeeper manager and staff during events and ceremonies.
- Communicating well with other staff to resolve any matters in a very efficient manner.
- Paying utmost respect to the tradition, culture and religion at workplace.

Financial Assistant Intern.
- Managing all company finance.
- Assisted in performance of all administrative duties as assigned.
- Taking care of the office monthly expense and supplies.
- Filing and storing all records of clients for future reference.
- Providing administrative assistance to all executives as needed.
- Handles other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
- Provided front desk support and other assistance as required.

Book Keeper Assistant.
- Develop and maintain positive working relationship with co-workers, and all levels of staff and management.
- Preparing financial report of the company.
- Assisting in auditing work and assisting and responding to company accountants.
- Work within company’s management planning guidelines to maintain productivity.
- Receive payments from customer and make bank deposits.
- Deliver completed work for review on a timely basis.