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Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
School: Penn state
Major: International politics


Adriana Buonocore
2015-2018:​ Pennsylvania State University (BA International Politics) 2014-2015- ​John Cabot University in Rome
2013-2014​- San Jose State University (Psychology)
2009-2013​- Beverly Hills High School (Advanced Placement)
Office Management
Leadership/Communication/Team Building Recruitment/Placement
Social Media Marketing
Computer Skills (PowerPoint, Microsoft Word/Office, RStudio) Languages: Read, write and speak Intermediate Italian
Child Development
First Aid, CPR, AED
Work Experience/Community Service:
Present- ​Nanny for Flutie Family
2017-2018 ​Nanny for Klein Family
2016- ​Human Resources Student Trainee at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. 2016- ​Nanny for Krebsbach family
2015 Summer- ​Senior Counselor for Cali Camp
2015-​ Office Assistant/Social Media Marketing for Good Heart Studio.
2013​- Volunteered at the Collaborative Community Program in San Jose. Duties included: Tutoring and mentoring students in grades K-5.
2012​- Volunteered with Rustic Pathways in Thailand for 3 weeks. Duties included: Teamwork, Constructing water towers, dams, and base floors with handmade cement, teaching students english, working in rice fields, and bridging cultural differences.
2012​- Invited to the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. Students are put through government crisis solving simulations, are brought to the D.I.A, C.I.A., and the Pentagon, and are invited to attend lectures by many of this country’s great leaders.
2011​- Attended the Red Cross program to spread earthquake awareness and plan events.
2013​- President’s Volunteer Service Award
2012​- Rustic Pathways Alumni Star Award (for students who exemplify leadership and teamwork)
Personal Information:
DOB:​ August 27, 1995
Born in:​ London, England (Moved to Beverly Hills in the year 2000). Ethnicity:​ Italian-American

Office management, leadership, team building